Makerfire Micro FPV Racing Drone is the latest entry into ducted fan micro racers. For the value and money, this quadcopter comes Ready To Fly or also available Crazepony the Bind-N-Fly version with DSM receiver. If you have not flown one tiny FPV quad, it is time to join the Tiny Whoop™ race and craze. GEARBEST sent us a BNF version to test against a Devo 10 Deviation radio with DSM protocol and the results are good (Price Check) ■

If you are not familiar with Deviation. Walkera makes a series of universal radios that allows you to fly multiple protocols. So if you are flying a selection of models, such as Walkera aircrafts, Parkzone Micro Warplane, Eflite, Blade, Hubsan x4; u can turn your affordable Devo transmitter into a power house. I love flying all the DSMX models. The Deviation files are archived at

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