I have a GWS foam Stearman that is has a brushless motor powered by several packs of seven 1.2 v 1050 mA battery packs. That is a total of 8.4 volts (1.2 x 7)I have not flown in several years due to eye problems but am back at it. I forgot the best settings to use to charge these. I have a Super Brain 959.

I think I used to charge at 1.5 amps with a delta peak of 30? I am confused about what the delta peak setting means. Is that so the battery pack does not over heat? My son remembers something like calculating that each cell is 5. Then 5 x 7 = 35, and go slightly under that to 30.

Is 1.5 amps at delta peak 30 reasonable? Or should I charge at 1.0 amps and/or a different delta peak?

Any help is much appreciated!