I have three 1000 mah 2S LiPo Receiver Packsthat I would like to simultaneously charge in the plane. One is on the CDI Ignition. Two are on the receiver.They all discharge from use fairly evenly. I am a bit hesitant to balance charge them all in parallel, in the plane. Any one have any ideas of how to accomplish this? I have several Parkzone 2 or 3 amp balanced chargers. I suppose I could fabb up a harness that would get a common power source to each battery's balance charging connectors. But then, I wouldhave a tie between all three batteries and I suspect I do not want to tie theCDI ignition's battery to the receiver batteries. The end goal is to charge themallin the plane w/o removing the canopy, etc.Maybe I need two separate charging ports. ? Maybe I can forget the balanced charge for the in plane charges and occasionally balance them later. ? I am sure this is not a new situation. So, ...what have we already done to addres this.