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Major MRC 977 problems

Old 04-12-2010, 06:06 PM
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Default Major MRC 977 problems

Either i'm a totaly idiot and can't solder or this is one messed up charger, i got PO'd at the POS green plug that goes from the power supply to the charge and i was like screw that, and solded on some deans (yes i got into the charger not hard at all with a dremel and a cutoff wheel. soldered that deans on, did the sasme on the PSU, it wasn't my best solder jobt but it has a good connection. So i plug in my battery go to charger, accidentally hit A/B instead of display select, and i see 13.5v in the B channel reading, instead of 0.00v seeing as i didn't have a battery plugged in at the time, so i was pretty annoy'd but i let it go. today i go to charge my nihm which had somehow dropped to 2.5v according to the charger. and when i hit charge the PSU colling fan craps out, and the whole system resets... i am very upset with the extremly poor quality of this charger, and the problems i have had persistantly while using it, beginning the included banna plugs LITERALLY falling apart... the green plug managing to jam itself beyond use, to a messed up power imput/output, and now a busted PSU...

To MRC if you ever expect me to buy a new charger i would expect some major support, i will gladly go into further detail with you. I am fully aware that i void'd the warrenty long ago when i clipped off those POS tam plugs and put on deans but really? i've had this charger for a little under 2 years and its never been abused beat on, or whatever only ever charged a RX pack, glow starter, 6 cell, and a 2s lipo

the lug
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