I am experiencing a situation where the charger will suddenly start beeping about once every second and is unresponsive to button pushing. I must unplug batteries and then the power supply to get it to come back on. I have read up on RC Tech Forum and seen a few threads where Tim@ MRC was a real big help. He told another patron who was experiencing this same thing and he told them to check the power coming out of the power supply when this beeping occured. I did and he was indeed right, it was zero volts. Cycling power to it restores it, but it does it again evenutally. Been using this charger for years and it has been great. He told the other patron to send the power supply in and you would replace it. Does that policy still stand? I have had this unit for a year or so now and it has been great up until this started. I did however already replace the ring terminal on my red banana jack as it suddenly had a fluctuating voltage reading when a battery was plugged in to "A". Turned out to be cracked. Just looking for some help with solving my problem with being able to charge my batteries for all my various RC stuff.

HELP PLEASE. It I can send it in I most likely will. I just need to know what my options are.