I have had a SB959 for a long time and recently (after buy a 1/16 E-Revo) bought another from Ebay. Both work great but I wish I could adjust the defaut amp-rate and peak threshold. The both power-up at a 3 amp setting and a delta of 40. This is not that hard to change but it would be easier to just plug in the charger and go.

SW versions: My latest addition, from Ebay, has many more options for these settings and displays a different 4 digit number at start-up. Is there a way to update this without sending the unit to MRC? If I can change the default settings then this really doesn't mean much to me.

Finally, the voltage readings on these to are different by ~0.5V with the new one always reading lower than my old one (even if I trade the batteries). I found the strange but its also not a concern. If I start them together they complete the charge within about 20 seconds of each other.