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ltrguy261 09-28-2009 11:01 AM

977 problems/questions
I have been having some issues with my 977 charger. I read the instructions for it but still cannot figure out what is going wrong.

Charging: I have two 4600MaH NiMh batteries and if Ihook them both up and charge at 4 amps (one on a one on b) when they get done they are both at about 2000 Mah per hour according to the charger.

Same goes for my two 5000MaH batteries

If I hook them up and go to the MaH setting and put in 4600 or 5000 respectively I cannot get them both to charge at once. If Ido one at a time on channel A, sometimes they will charge to full capacity but sometimes they will not.

Discharging: It seems like some times when I try to discharge it will start to discharge and beep and be done in only a couple of seconds even though I know the batteries have not been run much from a full charge.

Any thoughts? Should Icontact MRC directly?

Vic Nyce 01-22-2010 02:47 PM

RE: 977 problems/questions
i dont even bother with setting the mah rating. just the number of cells, and the charge rate. if i were you, i would check each cell for voltage. you might have one or more bad cells which is confusing the peak detect circuit. in my case, i was able to remove a bumb cell from my 2 of 6 cell pack and make a couple of 5 cell packs. one of the cells in each pack had internal problems and was compromising the packs as a whole.

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