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LotusRC T580P and T580P+ New quads

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Default LotusRC T580P and T580P+ New quads

Hi everyone

The older lotusRC Quad forum has gone so big and people are having issues finding their answers so I thought I will start this new discussion for the newest and newly released LotusRC T580P and T580P+ quads that i am reviewing.

I am testing them and flight videos are attached here with this post.

they flew very well on 8kmph windy day, T580P+ took even 800g payload easily and flew well on 7kmph windy day

T580P+ is fold able for easy transportation and storage, uses 14 inch props instead of 12 inch and uses bigger motors. CF structure is a charm too. Board (esc layout seems to be different as well)

My testing is still going on. I will keep everyone posted about how things are going.

Two of the motors stopped working on 3rd flight on T580P+, there is no burning hardware smell though but it could be just a faulty board or a glitch. LotusRC has dispatched a new ESC and board for T580P+ so I can continue testing and will analyze my board that stopped working for what happened.

T580P however on the other hand still flying great and doing a good job. Now its just too damn windy in my area. so I have to wait, I have installed my FPV system and a HD camera on T580P and waiting for the winds to get a bit lower on gusts then I can fly it and see how it will perform.

My older T580 is still flying great and very smooth for two month, after LotusRC replaced the board with upgrades (firmware and hardware maybe) and for two months never had any FOD (flip of death) or any other issues, except it fell like a stone from 5 feet when battery ran out. Guess we have to find out how to tweak them to auto land or guess my battery really totally ran out of juice and had no power to supply for auto landing.

I will keep everyone posted regarding my testing on these new quads.

Here are youtube videos


T580P Flight

T580P+ flight[youtube][/youtube]


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