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Dji Naza Quad Flame Wheel 450 Kit

Old 02-24-2012, 06:02 AM
Gary Morris
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Default Dji Naza Quad Flame Wheel 450 Kit

After a long break from flying or posting, nearly 2 years, I have gotten back into RC after watching several first person videos on YouTube. The one Quad that really caught my eye is the Naza Flame Wheel kit from Dji in China. I know from reading for the past several months that there are literally dozens of different flight controllers out there and many of them very good. All that being said what I really liked about this Quad is the fact it comes in a nearly complete kit, (requires battery, wire for battery and receiver) and it flies like it's on rails in Atti (Attitude)mode.
The kit has a distribution board on the bottom where all of the provided ESC's are connected. They use Opto ESC's in the kit and a device that supplies power (VU),from your 3 cell or 4 cell Lipo pack. The distribution board also serves as the bottom plate for the arms to attach to. There's no glue required with this kit and I really liked that. They use high quality hex headed screws to connect the arms to the bottom distribution board as well as the top board. The Naza FC, (Flight Controller) is attached using supplied double sided tape to the bottom board. The bottom board also has two extensions which allow you to place either a camera, receiver or their BEC (VU),on them. It took me 45 minutes to build the Quad, that includes soldering. After building the Naza Quad you then download the software from Dji which includes a separate USB driver software. I won't get into the details but it's relative easy to setup provided you read the PDF manual before starting. If you get hung up you can do a search on Software Setup for Naza and find several videos on just how to do it. Once you program your Naza flight controller and save the setting to the FC,your ready to start flying. Some of the setting are user settable like the percent of gain on different modes of flight. There is much discussion on the start-up procedures and many have complained about the way the motors start and stop. I personally haven't found any problems with starting or stopping but some owners feel that they should have total control over arming and disarming. The debate continues and until Dji changes things we will just have to take a wait and see approach.
Now comes the good part, I started off using the Atti mode, this basically keeps the Quad in a relatively controlled state and at 50% throttle it will maintain altitude above 1 meter in height. The two modes are controlled by the gear switch whereby you can switch between Atti mode and Manual mode. Depending on your setup you can also program failsafe mode whereby you can flip one of your switches and go into Failsafe mode which auto lands the Quad. Altitude hold is amazing on this Quad and everyone raves about how well it does this! Manual mode gives you greater control with no auto pilot features. Some owners say that the manual mode is too sensitive others say it's not sensitive enough. You can always setup your Expo to add or subtract sensitivity to suit your flying style. So far I've only flown in Atti mode so I can't comment on manual mode. Failsafe mode when setup properly in the software setup, (Naza Assistant), will auto land your Quad with no input from you if you activate it! Now this can be good or bad depending on where your at and what your doing. Personally, I don't know if I like this feature or not as it could land on someone's head or land in water depending on where your at.
The street price on the Naza Flame Wheel Kit is $470.00 in the US. The Naza flight controller alone is $220.00.
Since this is my first Quad and I haven't flown any other Quads all I can say is I love the way this flies. Why you ask? Because it's so predictable and you feel so in control of the Naza it really builds your confidence. I am now saving for the needed FPV gear I'll be using. I hope to have all that purchased by the middle of March and get some FPV flying in.
I want to make a prediction on this new flight controller, I predict that by mid summer this will be the number one selling board for muiti-rotor RC anywhere! Check them out, you'll be glad you did.

P.S. I have no connection to Dji, Naza or anyone else. I bought my Naza kit with my own money and I have provided this information only to enlighten RC fliers like myself!

P.S. Here are a few videos I've posted taken with the GoPro2 on Youtube

Gary Morris
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