I was about to give up when I finally got it hovering. Had problems with the ESCs because the ones I had were ultra pwms and would not work with the kk2 board. I then got cheap ones that didn't come with any documentation and the programming was all jacked up. I had to get the correct setting by trial and error. Also, the kk2 board's self-leveling wouldn't work (will flip the dang thing instantly when switched on). A software update took care of that and I'm still dialing in the best setting. With a 3s lipo it's nice and mellow to fly around, but with a 4s it's a rocket even with a heavy 3500mAh pack. One thing I noticed is that the higher you go, the harder is to tell how level it is or the direction is going. Next project is to get some sort of positioning device to make it handsfree. Enjoy the vid.