Hey guys, always wanted to get into RC but for one reason or another either I didn't have the time, means or funds to pursue the hobby. Now that I find myself having an abundance of all 3 I figured hey, why not.

Ideally I'd like to get involved in FPV. My problem is that I've NEVER flown an RC aircraft. Not even your typical park flyers. NOTHING, ZILCH, NADA. My experience with RC has been limited to ground pounders. A couple of Traxxass trucks and one boat.

Lately quad rotors or multi rotors have been catching my eye. These seem pretty easy to learn on, aren't too expensive and they seem super stable. One particular platform that has my attention is the Phantom from DJI. Now hear me out. I don't intend on using the Phantom for FPV but instead I'd like to use it to learn how to fly and control these quad copters. I figure the Phantom to be a solid, stable model where I can learn the basics of piloting these things before I move onto something bigger like said the S-800, a Flamewheel or TBS Discovery. In addition to giving me some flying experience, it would start to get me familiar with the Naza system and the different flight modes it has to offer.

So my question is, does this seem like a smart idea for a new guy or should I go in a different direction all together? Any pros and cons on the Phantom? I don't know much about it other than what the website claims. Is there another quad rotor where I can practice my skills other than this one?

Thanks guys in advance for the help.