Hi all,

Last year I bought all the parts to build 2 quads. But the frames I bought was of a really bad quality, they broke before it took off!
Then the project has been dead since, but now I want to get started again.....

What I have is this,
Motor: NMT 28-30 750kV
ESC: Turnigy Basic 25A
Props: 9x5, 10x5 and 10x4,5 (all 2 blades)
Controller: KK2.0 LCD
Frame: SIX Glass Fiber Hexcopter Frame 600mm (weight 625g)
Battery: 4000mAh 4S LiPo (weight 452g)

All the parts, except the frame I had laying around. I know the motor are a little low on kV, but when using 4S they should spin fast enough.

I am just not sure if this setup will take off at all, if it will take of how do you think it will fly???
And what props do you think will work the best, from the ones I have listed???