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3 rotor space explorer 3 channel aircraft review

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3 rotor space explorer 3 channel aircraft review


Old 03-17-2010, 03:07 PM
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Default 3 rotor space explorer 3 channel aircraft review

I thought you guys might like to check out the new 3 rotor 3 channel aircraft to come out of Shenzhen china.
It’s a called the space explorer tt891
I picked it up from slotcarsandmore.com
Price $23.99
Flight time 6-7 minutes of solid flight
Charge time- charges from the transmitter in 24 minutes
Package includes - 3 rotor 3 channel aircraft, transmitter, and instruction manual but no spare parts.

_How hard is it to fly?_
On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest, I would say 3.5. you need some exp.

_How does it work_
It’s an infrared aircraft with fully functional 3 channel control.
The back 2 rotors of the aircraft spin in opposite directions counteracting each others torque.
The back 2 rotors are also each at a slight angle to counteract the torque of the front rotor; on the alien jump jet they called this “thrust vectoring”.
The front rotor has a small servo connected to it that tilts the whole rotor left and right, this is what controls yaw (spin).
The front rotor also speeds up and slows down independently, this is what controls forward and reverse motion.
_How It Flies_
Don’t just take off from your coffee table yet because it can fly fast and if it isn’t trimmed it’ll be almost impossible to control and stop it from hitting something.
It does not like to fly backwards so you need to trim it to fly slightly forward when you start out.
You can trim it to move forward by spinning the dial in the center of the transmitter counter clockwise.
Next you have to trim its spin; there is a dial on the upper left hand of the transmitter that controls the spin trim. When you move the dial the front rotor will change its tilt left or right.

As I said it doesn’t like to fly backwards, if you try to fly it backwards it will usually spin 180 degrees pretty quickly, if the trim is set to fly backwards it will just spin and you won’t be able to control it. This aircraft doesn’t appear to have a piezoelectric HH gyro on board so it can’t correct for spin on its own, but the design seems to be really stable so it doesn’t really need one, once you get the trim set it flies nice and straight with no problems.
The servo isn’t a bang bang servo; it actually has a few good steps of motion, and for an IR aircraft it is pretty quick to respond.
You can also change the aircraft channel from A B or C by turning on the transmitter first with whatever channel you want selected, and then turn on the aircraft.

_notes on charging_
If the red light starts blinking change your batteries.
The transmitter has 2 lights a green one and a red one, when it is charging both the green and red lights will be on, when it is dun charging the green light turns off, if the batteries are running low the red light on the transmitter will start blinking.
The transmitter doesn’t have an auto turn off function unless the batteries are running out.
The transmitter can still send out a signal while the helicopter is charging, so it can be hard to have one charging while you have another one flying unless you set them to different channels.

_my thoughts_
I like it; I think it looks like something that should be flying around in the year 2010
It looks great in the dark, like a triangle UFO, and the placement and intensity of the lights makes it easy to navigate in the dark without getting disorientated or blinded.
It looks really cool in your collection.
The aircraft has a very well built plastic canopy, someone put a lot of effort into making it interlock so well, the electronics are nicely put together, there are a lot of tinny wires soldered inside this thing and it’s amazing that it’s only 23.99

Things I don’t like
The right stick on the transmitter is not very well designed; it is very loose and shaky, it needs to be better secured.
I’ve seen this same transmitter body used on a few aircraft, although I like the way the aircraft sits on it.
It would be nice to have some form of hh gyro for reverse flight; I think it looks much cooler flying backwards, sort of like one of those robots from batteries not included.
But all together it flies better than I expected a 3 rotor aircraft could fly, especially one that is so inexpensive.
The concept defiantly deserves further development, with some clever modifications it could be upgraded to a 4 channel RC aircraft, with some clever HH gyro controlled thrust vectoring on the front rotor mixed with the ability to change the thrust to the left and right rear rotors you could possibly achieve roll without the need of any additional servos or other mechanical components.

I am also giving one away for free to one of my luck subscribers in 29 days
If you are interested just comment on this video and subscribe to my youtube channel.

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