I just got a 1400mm/1750g/55"wingspan P-40 kit with retracts but without the engine, ESC, or servos. The directions sheet included with the kit doesn't provide the following information:

- What size brushless motor? (The kit included a 13x9 3-bladed prop and a 14.8v 2200mAh battery is recommended)
- What size ESC?
- I intend to install flaps so I believe I need a total of 6 servos (2 flaps, 2 ailerons, 1 rudder, 1 elevator). The RTF version indicates one 17g servo and the rest are 9g. Can you confirm what I need? What's is the 17g servo for?
- The tailwheel doesn't seem to connect to the rudder in any way. Is this correct?

I'm new to electric planes so any help in getting the info would be greatly appreciated.