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From: Paul Haskett <>
Sent: Sat, October 9, 2010 2:02:13 PM
Subject: order yhst-17210252890263-149883 - Defective P51 airplane

**Please note I am a return customer. I have purchased multiple planes from you and they have worked fine and still fly. I am experienced RC pilot on both planes and helis**
A week ago Saturday, I purchased the P51 airplane. I recieved my plane on Thursday. I set it up and got it ready to fly. I did all the recommended pre-flight testing and setup and found the plane appeared to be ready to fly.
When I took the plane out this morning to fly, it taxied fine and the minute I took off the plane banked hard to the left and dove straight into the ground. I retrieved the plane and checked the CG and tried to fly the plane again. The second time I put the plane in the air it did the very same thing. Banked hard to the left and dove right into the ground. I adjusted the battery and attempted to counter the balance issue, however the 3rd and final flight I attempted the plane still rolled left and dove down.
I am no longer interested in attempting to adjust the plane to counter the balance problem that appears to be with the manufacturing of it. All previous purchases from you have not had this issue, and have not required significant amounts of adjustments to getthem in the air. I beleive this plane simply is defective and I would like to proceed with the process of exchanging the P51RTF and getting one that is, hopefully, not defective.
Please advise ASAP how we can proceed with rectifying the issue, and getting me a P51 that I can enjoy as much as the F16 EDF Jet 70mm that I recently bought from you and love flying.
Below is my record of purchase, as well, you can look to see my other purchases on file.