Ok , on my second order from Nitro and John .
I just got my FMS /Airfield P47 .
The plane is great , cant wait to get it started . I will add the flaps , eletric retracts and a full home build interior .

As far as shipping I really think that Nitro needs to work some policy with UPS . THe box had a softball size hole in it all the way thru to the plane . I took pictures to make sure that if the plane was damaged I could show the unopen /damaged box .
Luckely the plane was fine and I know it did not leave the Nitro warehouse in this condition , my point is UPS simply drops its off and runs and it looks like someone definitly tried to open the box . My point is UPS should be responcible for the damage and make sure the consumer can sign on receipt or not accept vs a drive by drop off !!!

Anyway back on the plane , very nice , very big , will start a post soon and get it scale bashed with some pics