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OS FS200- Carbi Reversal Issue

Old 09-06-2011, 09:09 PM
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Default OS FS200- Carbi Reversal Issue

I have a FS200-S and an original manufacturer OS mount. I find that the mount will not accomodate the engine if I try to reverse the carbi.
After a number of queries I have been advised that reversal of the carbi on the engine is not recommended (contary to the manual) but no reason was given.
Can anyone tell me if or what the problem may be.

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Default RE: OS FS200- Carbi Reversal Issue

You can turn the carb around with no difficulties. You will need to reroute the vent tubing when the pump carb is involved, but that's it. Functionally, though, the engine won't know the difference.
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