In the past few years, I have been running my fleet at the FDR (Franklin D. Roosvelt) park in Philadelphia where there's a big lake in the middle plus several smaller ones. However, last year the park decided to close the water gates connected to the Delaware river because when the tide is high water will get into the golf court which is somewhat lower than the rest of the park. Now when summer starts, the lake will be filled with not only weeds but algae because of no circulations as before. This stops any water activities for several months. Smaller ponds have bad funny smell too.
Years ago, I had to drive over to New Jersey and run my boat in the Cooper river but later no gas boat allowed.
I looked up Google maps and found no lakes or pond that fit my bill which is not too far and I should be able to launch and retrieve my boats easily.
Yes, the Schulykill river is nearby but the banks are several feet above the water.

Anyone with the information, please pass along.