Hi, new guy here and not so much into RC as id like but more into airsoft, those white 6mm BBs and the rather realistic looking guns that shoot em.

I hope im posting this in the right place, i didnt see a place for electric motors discussion... i also hope my terms are correct.

To the point:
Majority of as-guns are electric, they use the old'ish regular motors. According to my limited knowledge, "brushless" motors are far superior in performance and power-usage BUT need a controll-circuit to operate and well, theres three wires going into one, mine needs just two...

Also based on limited information given by a friend, brushless motors need extra work to start under heavy stress/load. True?

As guns operate by compressing a spring inside an air-cylinder, as the spring is compressed more and more before released the stress against the motor is increased. Once the spring is released the gun fires and the cycle begins anew.
Trick is, that cycle takes fraction of a second, i want to eliminate that fraction. If the system started with the spring compressed and simply "finishes the cycle" and then re-arms the spring, all would be well. Actually, we even made such system and it works. Sadly it only works with regular motors.

Thing is, we want more performance from the motor. Regular motors wear out quite fast when starting from the toughest spot and also generate quite a bit of heat for both the motor and the lipo-batteries.

Is there a way to start a brushless motor from under such a heavy load? This has been our problem. Starting from a low load from the shooting-cycles beginning is easy and performance in continues cycling seems impressive, its just that the system dies when starting under a heavier load.