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3D Romeo 04-30-2012 12:38 PM

HELP...I need some information on the original all-wood 47
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I have a couple questions concerning the CG, and construction, of the original all-wood OMP 47" Edge...

I just converted one of these original all-wood 47" Edges to electric power, and balanced it at 4-1/2" back from the leading edge of the wing (like I use to fly it with a glow engine for over a decade). I'm guessing it's because I no longer have an additional 8-10 ounces of fuel up front anymore, but the resulting test flight with this CG was VERY tail heavy (when rolled upside down the plane would immediately pitch straight upward).

- Does anyone have any recommendation on where the CG should be on one of these old Edges, when converted to electric?

I can move the battery forward a little bit, but even moving it all the way forward the airplane is still too tail heavy. So now I'm thinking of moving the elevator and rudder servos forward to help move the CG forward. The only problem doing this is that I'm not the original builder of this model, and don't know what kind of construction is in front of the tail servos in the fuselage.

Which brings me to my second question...

- I was wondering if anyone has any small drawings, or photos, of what the fuselage construction is like on these original all-wood Edges, and if so, could you please email me any information you are willing to share? I don't want to risk weakening the structure by just cutting a hole into the fuselage without knowing how it is built first.

I could probably glean all the information I'd need from the original assembly manual. But I've been looking for one of those for years, and nobody seems to have any of the original all-wood manuals anymore.

I don't think my power system can handle additional weight up front, and still give me the performance I want. So this is why I'm looking into other ways of shifting my CG forward.

I hope somebody can please help me out here?

Thank you,


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