So, last year I purchased the first gen Sukhoi that Parkzone came out with. I had a lot of fun with it, though it's underpowered. Unfortunately, I was flying it for a buddy one day and it was a touch windy. As I had it pointed into the wind and was attempting to set it down, it was caught be a rogue gust and hit a fence. It had a little damage up front but nothing that some tape didn't repair. I took it inside and ran it up and saw no issues. Later that day, I flew it in much calmer conditions and suddenly the aircraft went into a snap and wouldn't respond to my control inputs, all the way to the ground. No damage at all so I thought I may have flown it out of range and ensured the antenna was straight. Once again flew it with the same result. Is this common for a fried receiver? I'm thinking of gutting the parts to use on an indoor kit I'm eying because frankly the airplane isn't that sporty and I'd like to avoid shelling out $60 for a new receiver. Any thoughts on a way to "ops check" the Sukhoi's components? Any help will be appreciated!