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Stupid WIND!!!


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Default Stupid WIND!!!

Went out this morning with my new UMT-28. Winds were nice and calm, just a slight whisper. Put the battery in, balanced it, walked from the barn to my pasture, kicked up the power and gave it a toss, no sooner than it left my hand, then the wind decided to play, Blew that little bugger straight left before I could get my right hand on the stick. thump, into the ground. Grumble. OK, picked it up, shook the dew off, and faced it into the wind, and gave it another toss. This time she flew, albeit all over the place, She loops nicely, hovers, flips, rolls, dives, stalls, All while moving west away from me. Imade one final atempt, half throttle right into the breeze, and it just couldnt take it. The wind was just a touch too much for the little bird, so I guess I will need to wait some more before trying again.

I have to say, this little bird from Parkzone is tough, three plunges into the ground, and nothing more than a bit of grass on a wing. At least I can still fly my 120SR in the barn even if it is windy. As I sit here typing this I can now hear the wind chimes singing. All within an hour went from dead calm to a 10 MPH wind.

Idid have it hovering in a tail down position for about 30 seconds though, that was pretty cool.
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