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    Great Planes Super Stearman 36

    Hi Guys!

    Here is the Great Planes Super Stearman thread as I was shocked that no one as of yet opened up one as this model is not only a looker but, a very capable flying model. It is on the heavy side (nothing is perfect) but, it does fly extremely well and the good thing is that it does not get tossed around in the wind!

    Here is the Tower Hobby link:

    My buddy Gerry purchased it last weekend and today he was able to maiden it at our RC Club.

    A few pictures showing how he setup the model.

    Gerry comparing weight from my Great Planes S.E.5a:

    Yes, he used the Super Tiger .10 Brushless outrunner that is slightly heavier than the recommended RIMFIRE motor but, my buddy did select the same 1250Kv equivalent motor like what Great Planes recommends.

    Well, Gerry came with a big load lump in his pants showing me this and that and I had to keep my big mouth shut and go along as if I would have pushed him, I feared that he would have not maiden his model today

    I took Video footage of one very experienced RC modeler who builds the very large 5-Cyclinder radial Engine models that just the Engine costs upwards of $3,000 US. He is familiar with the smaller models as well and came over to provide his honest and sensible recommendations.

    After perhaps a few minutes, Gerry came to Life and all of a sudden got this different look and said, "hey I am going to see what this thing does...." I had to quickly grab my Park Zone T-28D Trojan and took out a servo securing Screw so, Gerry could use it in his Super Stearman model as one of his Servos at the servo arm was missing a screw. Next, I insisted for him to use my newest Turnigy 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 25C Discharge, Li-POLYs as they would withstand the higher AMP Draw from the Super Tiger .10 with that high Kv (Note that the RimFire that Great Planes recommends has the same Kv).


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    RE: Great Planes Super Stearman 36

    Well, I posted the Video up at FACE BOOK and even posted a copy at TOWER HOBBY page and it was there for about an hour and then, it was DELETED.

    I guess TOWER HOBBY does not like anyone to do an Honest Review of their products like NitroPlanes as I have posted many of my Videos up at NITROPLANES page up at FACE BOOK and never have they DELETED anything and as a matter of fact they made me Customer of the Month!

    It is just too bad that whomever it is that is representing TOWER HOBBY at FACE BOOK does not feel the same like the "other" large distributor over at NITROPLANES!

    Oh, well......[]

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    RE: Great Planes Super Stearman 36


    I have a Park Zone 480 in my drawer and very good condition and ...

    Most importantly a quality E-Flite Park 480 Outrunner Brushless brand new in the box!!!

    Motor Kv= 1020
    Weight = 3.1oz.

    Let me know if you are interested!!!opcorn:

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    RE: Great Planes Super Stearman 36

    My Buddy, Gerry called to say that he appreciated the offer but, that he had a PITTs Special that had the lower 910Kv E-Flite 480 and he was going to remove it from the PITTs because he has not flown nor will he fly the PITTs for sometime.

    Also, he told me that he took off the N struts on the SUPER STEARMAN and will provide the same incident angle as that of the bottom wing for the Top wing. He suspects that the Negative incidence is making the model pitch down under high throttle.

    More to come!

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    RE: Great Planes Super Stearman 36


    I looked and looked and could not find any listed Motor Parameters for the recommended RIMFIRE motor that Great Planes recommends for this model. As a matter of fact if you look at the RIMFIRE site there is no motor parameters / specifications what so ever in order to estimate how many AMPs it will pull given a certain battery / propeller selection.

    Here is the Tower Hobby Page showing the RIMFIRE:

    The instruction manual does not show any motor parameters as well except general mounting methods etc...

    Finally, the ELECTRIFLY page also does not have any motor parameters as well:

    Please, if anyone else has this model and measured the AMP draw assuming using the recommended RIMFIRE motor then, please share with us here....

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    RE: Great Planes Super Stearman 36

    The following Post is from my buddy 'Gerry' how goes by the handle "simano" over from RCGroups dot com and he reported early this evening that.....


    Here are some changes I did on mine:

    1) Replaced the motor with an E-Flite 950 KV 480. I had this motor in a retired Pitts Special so no cost added here. It will swing the same APC 10X7 slow flier prop I flew the Pitts with many times.

    The current draw won't be more than 18 amps. with this setup and it will fly it with authority.

    2) Unscrewed the "N" struts since I noticed they were pulling the top wing down some bowing it and adding unnecessary twist to the outboard section of the wings. I will add a small extension to them to be screwed back to the wings.

    3) Added two washers to the two front strut top wing mount to remove the small amount of negative incidence present before.

    With the 1500 mah 20 3S1P battery fully forward it balances on the spot recommended.

    Will fly again Saturday so, I will report results...


    Next Saturday I will assist Gerry in measuring the AMP draw using the replacement motor (E-Flite 480 with the 910Kv) and will Video the flight and compare using the Recommended motor that Great Planes profess for this model.


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    RE: Great Planes Super Stearman 36

    Happy to report that Gerry will show up Wednesday morning at Moon Port Modelers to re-maiden his new Great Planes Super Stearman.

    Gerry informed me that he has replaced the Super Tiger .10 (1250Kv) with the much better selection, E-Flite 480 (910Kv) and has installed the APC "Slow Flyer" 10 X 7 propeller and will use the 3-Cell, 1300mAH, 20C, Li-POLYs. This is the exact setup that he has used for the RED Pitts Special from NitroPlanes a few years ago.

    I will be on hand to cover Video Capture!!!


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    RE: Great Planes Super Stearman 36

    Hi Guys!

    I just came back from a friends and he has the recently "Discontinued" Great Planes Ultimate

    Surprise, surprise.....take a look at what they recommend, a 950Kv Brushless outrunner motor!

    ..... and I picked it up and I was amazed how light it was in comparison to this Super Stearman from the same company (Great Planes).

    The Ultimate has only 33.5 inch wing span and weighs many ounces less that the 36 inch wing span Super Stearman.

    My friend who owns the Ultimate informed me that BALSA has gone up in price and perhaps accounts to the fact why the STEARMAN has been constructed using so much Plywood.

    Again, will be heading to the RC Club in the morning to Video capture Gerry's Super Stearman with the better power system.


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    RE: Great Planes Super Stearman 36


    We were able to squeeze two Flights on Wednesday morning and before Hurricane Irene came by our coast line with heavy winds and rain. I was not able to upload the Videos until this morning during lunch time break.

    You will see a more satisfied owner and RC Flyer "Gerry" after he changed out the power system from the high 1250Kv Super Tiger .10 E-Flite 480 (910Kv) Outrunner Brushless motor and swinging the APC "Slow Flyer" 10 X 7 propeller.

    Gerry could be heard as saying that normal cursing was around 1/2 throttle and his first flight was using his Zippy 3-Cell, 1300mAH, 20C discharge, Li-POLYs and the second flight was using my Turnigy 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 25C discharge, Li-POLY.

    I took out my Astro Flight Watt meter and we measured the AMP draw, the observed was around 16.45 AMPs at half (1/2) Throttle and almost 24 AMPs at Wide Open Throttle.

    Here is Gerry's 2nd Flight "Re-Maiden" of his Super Stearman:


    Here is Gerry's 3rd Flight of his Super Stearman:

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    RE: Great Planes Super Stearman 36

    Two pictures showing Gerry, Bernie and Gerry's new Great Planes Super Stearman during Wednesday morning with the more successful re-maiden!

    Gerry! You are most welcomed.

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