Hi. I recently purchased a Super Cub and like a lot of others I could not insert the battery as shown in the manual. So I modified the battery holder to allow the battery to fit in the normal orientation. Now here is the interesting part. In the process of reworking the battery holder I disconnected the wires for the top and botton sensors as well as the ACT cable to the ESC/receiver. I do not intend to use the ACT system. I also disconnected the leads to the servos to give myself some woking space. When I finished the battery mod I reconnected the servos, turned on my DX6i, and connected the battery. Rudder and elavator worked with out any problems. Next I moved the left joy stick up slightly for a small amount of power No need to have the prop smack my work bench. End result was the famous puff of smoke from the ESC/rcvr. Servos still work so the rcvr is OK. The ESC is shot. So I now have a replacement ESC/rcvr on order. The help I need is to confirm that I can install the new ESC/rcvr WITHOUT any ATC components and not smoke the ESC/rcr again. Thanks.