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    WOW! RTF Focke-Wulf FW 190

    Tally-Ho comrads! Attack in mass on command! All 190's must be taken captive! None must be allowed to escape.


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    RE: WOW! RTF Focke-Wulf FW 190

    seen one of these a couple weeks back and they are sexy!
    first to own the Mini Slash!
    Amsoil Dealer.. 6XL Revo, Baja 5B, Losi8T, PS295, UL-1, AQ MC, OM29, DF33

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    RE: WOW! RTF Focke-Wulf FW 190

    [sm=lol.gif][sm=cry_smile.gif] (I wonder how they make these action smileys work and not work - I wonder if anyone is spooked by these tricks.) This is one plane I might start out with by ordering a "complete airframe" first, then at some point after enjoying everybody's input buy a backup RTF version. I am addicted to a certain minimum level of aerobatic performance. Everything else is just frills, albeit fun, nevertheless, it can't be allowed to compromise performance too much.

    At the moment I suspect that a dandy .25 would be capable of hauling this butcher bird very nicely in "full house" mode with that beautiful stock three bladed prop. Two of my 109s work great with .25s.

    I've got to try to stop thinking about this 190 so much. I still have to take possession of my slow as Christmas Hurricane. Hobby Shop said it would be here before Christmas. I prepaid for it last Feb. My wife wants the money back, but with bulldog determination I am holding my ground at all costs.

    Try as I may, regardless of security scan maneuvering, etc, I have been completely unable to share yesterday's or today's fighter excitement on Facebook. Our hacker enemies are still out there, but they know they are fighting a losing battle. I'm looking forward to the inevitable victory.

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    FIGHTERS - AVIATION'S ULTIMATE CALL TO GLORY, HONOR, AND IMMORTALITY - Please see immortality promoting Blog - Rom. 2.

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    RE: WOW! RTF Focke-Wulf FW 190

    Mad web, maybe ya aughta look into antivirus/operating system updates instead of "free energy" and quit blaming hackers for all problems? Just sayin'....heh heh heh. If ya come up with an over unity machine that works on a realistic scale, pm me. Oh, but it's gotta be free and actually feasible for rc flight in this size scale. And lists the parts and instructions as well. Untill then, keep the guns blazing!!!

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    RE: WOW! RTF Focke-Wulf FW 190

    [sm=lol.gif][sm=cry_smile.gif] I've gotten no response at all from a number of recently sent "PMs" (?). This has happened a number of times before, so I just take it all in stride. Why the (?) mark? In spite of the fact that I have had the very best anti-virus security installed on my "new PC;" I have given permission to other web security companies to monitor my every key stroke; I still have to run various security scans in order to post information. Even then I sometimes have to wait and try later.

    More after I attempt to out maneuver the "Sorry . . . timed out enemy."

    Just lost everything I have been working on since posting the above. The only thing to survive was the "!" that ended up after the word "enemy." I am continuing the dog fight now in order to allow my web wingmen (security systems) to take out these sorry ........s. I don't normally use such language and will eventually forgive them once they penitently plead guilty and are in jail where they so richly belong!

    Okay, back to business - I built and tested a scaled down model airplane friendly size HYDROGEN REACTOR SYSTEM that I will describe in detail after first encouraging you to check out my FREE ENERGY DEMONSTRATION web site. This patented GEET system is so simple you won't believe it. I've taken freeze frame pictures from the video taped running demonstration and posted them on the web with as clear commentary as possible, such that a person would have to have help to missunderstand it. I say this because "otherwise seemingly honest, brave people who have been exposed to this "strange, seemingly heretical, technology" have suddently exclaimed to me, "YOU SCARE ME! I stopped bothering to test my minature GEET system once I realized just how brainwashed people are about energy technology. (Let's see if this will post.)

    OKAY!!! LOOKS LIKE WE ARE ON A ROLL! HERE GOES. Since URLs can evidently, from my experience, be sabotaged, only web site names that can be typed into Google or other useful search web site windows will normally be used.

    HANDY WEB PAGE FINDER typed into a good search engine brings up my just updated energy/model airplane web sites. (CALL TO GLORY needs more work.)

    The "model airplane size" GEET is made from easily magnitized "cold rolled soft steel" just like the "full scale" GEET. The "reactor core" is cold rolled soft steel as is the reactor casing. It's very important that the outer casing be seamless due to the high temperatures that are generated by zero point energy created by a carefully tuned system. Because of the microwave radiation that ca n alert

    PC is acting up, gotta go.

    Just ran some scans. Maybe we can finish the fight this time before more bogies show up. ARE WE HAVING FUN YET, OR WHAT!?

    Okay, as we were attempting to say before that last little anoying flack burst - It turns out that the "guardians of the sacred status quo" monitor RF frequencies and can tell when such "forbidden knowlege" is being tampered with. The man who patented the GEET has some "interesting" stories to tell about how he was thrown into prison on trumped up charges. Dead men tell no lies (or forbiden truth). Stanley Meyer was murdered after televised and news paper reports of him driving across the entire United States on 22 gallons of water. My hero Dr. Malove was murdered the very day before he was to perform a public demonstration of "Cold Fusion" technology. I might also add that my wife hates my work on the web. Can any sensible person disagree with her? Most people eventually "get the message" and find safer activities than free energy to occupy their time - poor boring souls.

    So, to quote Dirty Harry, ". . . do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?

    Okay, you Kamikaze Idealists out there, here it is: I found that automobile brake line works for the outer casing for the model size reactor. An eight penny soft steel nail can be "tuned" to work as the reactor core. The reactor can be "JB welded" into the exhaust stack or an exhaust pipe (I recommend real welding steel to steel that should last virtually indefinitely). The actual length of both the outer casiing and the reactor core will depend upon maximum desirable engine RPM. It's also inportant to start out with very little water and/or recirculating exhaust because of the dangerous potential of running alcohol if you want to experiment with glo fuel. The safest way to go is with a gasoline only (no alcohol) fuel system and simply duplicate the GEET system in miniature.

    Well, that about wraps it up so, Aim High, Fly, Fight and Win!


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    FIGHTERS - AVIATION'S ULTIMATE CALL TO GLORY, HONOR, AND IMMORTALITY - Please see immortality promoting Blog - Rom. 2.

    P. S. The last section was almost lost but quick heoric maneuvering saved the day. Are fighter planes a great way to enjoy life, or what!?

    P.P.S. New readers - Please click on "Rating" near the top of the first page of this forum (Park Flyers & Backyard Flyers) to bring up other modeling promoting Ace fighter planes.

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    RE: WOW! RTF Focke-Wulf FW 190

    [] I am being blocked off from communicating with PMs and my web tv system. There are powerful interests against modeling/science being too cosely bound together.

    I will try to post my responce to you on my CALL TO GLORY web site.


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    FIGHTERS - AVIATION'S ULTIMATE CALL TO GLORY, HONOR, AND IMMORTALITY - Please see immortality promoting Blog - Rom. 2.

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    RE: WOW! RTF Focke-Wulf FW 190

    Please click, and scroll down to the bottom of the full scale Mk 7 Spitfire picture that I am holding by the wing tip. The very next entry below the picture has my answer to the above questions.

    If the URL has been tampered with simply type HANDY WEB PAGE FINDER into Google's search window, scroll down and click on CALL TO GLORY.

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    FIGHTERS - AVIATION'S ULTIMATE CALL TO GLORY, HONOR, AND IMMORTALITY - Please see immortality promoting Blog - Rom. 2.

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    RE: WOW! RTF Focke-Wulf FW 190

    Here you go Snake.


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    RE: WOW! RTF Focke-Wulf FW 190

    Please watch the landing perfomance of the 190 in the YouTube video. (Google SN Hobbies Hobbico/Flyzone FW-190 FOCKE-WULF if the URL won't work.) By the way, the hacker creep who says, "sorry about that" after blocking the video is a mocking liar. He will get the reward he so richly deserves!

    Because of my poor landing skills I plan to reinforce the nose section of my butcher bird like I have done on my newest PZ killer size F4U Corsair to endure belly landings on areas where (ROG) is not practical. Because I love the way the 190 looks on its landing gear (like it is not about to tip over like so many other fighters do) I plan to take off with extended gear (ROG) and belly land until I can learn to land gracefully with my other fighters first.

    Although I have two bladed props that can easily provide the required vertical peformance with the stock motor that I must have for my flying demo routine, I've already bought a new "POWER .25 870Kv Outrunner Motor" to use with my beautiful Meserschmitt 3 bladed props that can provide the necessary excitement I crave from such a fighter as this.

    It will possibly be a while before I can get the above action going becaue I have determined to complete a working example of the "Bedini School Girl" (can be Googled) along with thousands of other free energy fans as a part of the now no longer secret energy revolution. I will try hard to not weaken, but it could be too much for me to handle, especially if a new killer size Park Flyer Zero is introduced by ParkZone/Horizon Hobby people.

    PC is acting up gotta go.

    Spitfire Brotherhood (All Spitfires Welcome) #64 - Post #407 - Battle of Britain & Winston Churchill relevancy to modeling - PLEASE SEE POST 852 (Page # 35) on Spit thread for FANTASTIC INFO. See why we fight -
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    The following URL brings up the most concise, non-technical (with technical references) discussion about the revolutionary THORIUM PLASMA BATTERY technology I have found on the web. ENJOY! Oh what fun we are going to have in the future of flight!

    ''mad thorium batteries'' typed in Yahoo and/or Google brings up some great information about thorium plasma batteries.

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