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    Parkzone P-47 Thunderbolt

    Hi there ,

    Here some footage from my Parkzone Thunderbolt p-47


    I love to fly that little plane..

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    RE: Parkzone P-47 Thunderbolt


    Wow, what a difference it makes when the main gear is folded underneath the wing assembly! It flew and feels like a totally different RC P-47 Thunderbolt model!

    I was actually shaking a bit when it ZOOMed past us and wondering what happened to the smaller / Lighter Park Zone 480 (960Kv) brushless motor?? I mean it was moving at least an additional 3 -to- 5 MPH faster!

    Here are some neat pictures my Sky Bro (Gerry) took of my Thunderbolt from early this morning!

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    RE: Parkzone P-47 Thunderbolt

    Model: Park Zone P-47 Thunderbolt
    Motor: Park Zone 480 (960Kv)
    ESC: E-Flite 30-AMP Switch Mode
    Batt: Turnigy 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 25C, Lithium Polymer

    Prop: Durafly 4-Blade (10.25 inch diameter)

    ================================================== ===========
    Son of a GUN!

    The DURAFLY 4-Blade 10.25" diameter Propeller is just AMAZING with the Park Zone 480 (960Kv) motor! It made my Park Zone P-47 Thunderbolt zoomed upward like a Home Sick Dove!

    Better yet, I flew with someone with a fast Park Zone Mustang P-51D that had a stronger and more powerful motor and he just barely could keep up with my JUG!

    The best part was him watching me land using the retracts and flaps while his model still had to resort to belly landings

    A few pictures of today's action and my model sporting the new DURAFLY 4-Blade!

    The 2200's cells came down just a slight warmer than with the GWS 4-Blade.

    Comparing to two, the DURAFLY is most certainly faster and with more thrust! Additionally, I did not find the DURAFLY brittle or flimsy but, rather nice and strong and much better than the GWS.


    Well guys,

    I was finally able to measure the WATTS-AMP Draw of my JUG's Power System (using the Park Zone 480 "960Kv") while swinging the Durafly 4-Blade and it was a surprising...

    1/2 Throttle: 132 Watts / 10.8 AMPs
    Wide Open: 347 Watts / 29.2 AMPs

    Since I found myself with nothing over 3/4 Throttle and mostly at 1/2 throttle "Typical Flight" then, I am completely SAFE using the Durafly 4-Blade (10.25 inches) with the Park Zone 480 (960Kv). and Stock E-Flite 30-AMP ESC.

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    RE: Parkzone P-47 Thunderbolt

    UPDATE AND CORRECTED AMP / WATT / RPM Readings - Measurements!!!

    Okay guys!

    I got home at 4:43pm Eastern and wasted NO time!

    Placed the model out door at the Back Yard where the Sun is facing and took the RPM Tach readings right at 4:54pm Eastern!

    One thing to note is the Dr. Kuwi's normalized Motor Constants for the Park Zone 480 Brushless motor and shown here!

    Setups Pictures on the Porch facing back yard into the Sun!

    Initial Steady State Flight Battery Reading:

    Quarter Throttle RPMs and Measurement:

    A Tad Below Half Throttle Measurements and RPM Readings:

    1/2 -to- 3/4 Throttle Setting AMPs - Watts and RPM Readings:

    3/4 Throttle Setting AMPs Watts, RPM Readings:

    Full Throttle Setting Amps Watts, RPM Readings:

    Using Dr. Kuwi's Normalized Numbers....Here is the Rough On-Line Estimator (P-Calc) and it shows a very inefficient percentage at Full Throttle, however the I am sure it is not that In-Efficient since the Watt Numbers do not come close!

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    RE: Parkzone P-47 Thunderbolt

    Again, the Efficiency is not an issue with me since "I" go by the ACTUAL measured values using the Watt Meter and those Watts do not match any Calc program nor On-line estimator.

    Bottom Line for Thunderbolt takes to the sky like a DREAM and I am very pleased with the Durafly 4-Blade over the GWS 4-Blade.

    Oh, one more thing,....I LOVE the Park Zone 480 Brushless Motor!!!!

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    Almost all of NASA's 18,000 employees, including most of Kennedy Space Center’s roughly 2,000 civil servants, face unpaid furloughs now that the Federal government shut down starting October 1st! I have no idea how long this will take for our Representatives in Congress and those in the Senate to come and discuss whatever has to happen in order for the Government to be re-started. On Monday, we had to Shut down many Computer Servers, Laboratory equipment and other equipment and safe all office equipment in case a Hurricane comes around during the Shut down. Unbelievable.....

    So, taking it with stride and positive outlook, one of two of our Best Central Florida Photographers joined us (Gerry Rivera) to enjoy for some needed FUN FLY of sorts at our Moon Port Modelers RC Club (Central Florida).

    Thanks Gerry for the pictures!

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    Finally! Great weather conditions to be enjoyed and I did not waste any of it! (Friday, 10-11-2013)

    Cool and almost Dead Calm conditions and I flew my super nice Park Zone P-47 Thunderbolt twice! It flew like a dream and most importantly it landed with Full Flaps (1/4 inch flap deflection) down for a picture perfect landings.

    Gerry Rivera (simano) was able to capture at least two in-flight pictures! Thanks Gerry!

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    I would like to refer potential new P-47 enthusiast R/C'ers to your thread work when I post information on the other P-47 thread where most of my work is reported if you wouldn't mind. I hope the above picture of you and your model of the greatest fighter plane in the European theater (according to Flight Journal magazine) will show up here. As can be seen below the "copied and pasted" pictures and text of my web site that included warplanes that have been effective in promoting modeling/science "mysteriously" (?) lost all of their pictures. Pictures of my airplanes have been eliminated from not only RCU forums but also from ALL of my copied and pasted web sites that are stored on TWO (2) different web sites for "back up" purposes. Do we got fun, or what?


    MAD WEB TV SCIENTIST PAGE (All of my pictures including WARPLANE pictures have been mysteriously removed from my web site.), and my new "web page server provider" (?) has turned out to be fraudulent.


    FED McSpeed

    FED McSpeed
    This FREE ENERGY DEMONSTRATOR (FED) shows a steel ball located between the third and fourth units on its way around the track to the noise suppressing handkerchief at the end of the large unit with a five (5) degree upward inclined ramp. The glass marble is used to demonstrate the upward deflection of most of the ramps that the steel ball must climb to make its way around to the end as it convincingly demonstrates the reality of FREE ENERGY.

    The steel ball is about half way up the 5 degree inclined ramp riding on the two-tone soda straw rails of the large unit at the end of the track. The glass marble has moved back down to the starting position.

    The lone "FED McSpeed" unit taped down inside the circle can force a 1.5 ounce steel ball up its inclined ramp and out to a foot of travel in front of the unit at an average speed of .5 - 1 foot per second generating .008 plus foot pounds of obvious FREE ENERGY! Because of its obvious speed resulting from free energy it just seemed appropriate to include speed in its name.

    The glass ball is pushing the steel ball here until the force of zero point energy focused through the ZPEnergy conductors we call magnets grabs the steel ball. The glass ball is then allowed to roll back to the starting position as the steel ball continues around to its destination on the handkerchief. The other units in the video captured picture are the results of prior experimentation.

    These advanced units are fully adjustable using convient gage wire to hold everything together. Magnets and ramps can be adjusted to fine tune the system for a very effective shaped magnetic field from begining to end. Its fun to demonstrate the "impossible." Check out the "Roll Around" SMOT system (see above URL) if it remains on the web. It is much easier to build than my FED McSpeed system. If the next URL fails to work and I happen to still be around, please let me know and I'll send a copy of the page, providing, of course, our e-mail is not blocked as can happen with us pesky free energy fans. Just remember to not use the taboo words "PERPETUAL MOTION" to describe this toy's operation when you get it working. Troublesome inventers tend to suffer untimely dire consequences, you understand.

    Yes, I know we are surrounded but I am hopeful that the "fire from Heaven" in Rev. 20:10 is representative of the power of truth (Jer. 23:29) to take out all enemies and possibly usher in a "New Renaissance Age" before the end of time

    Last edited by mad web tv scientist; Today at 10:05 AM. Reason: out maneuvering the anti-science/anti-modeling fascist enemy
    Last edited by mad web tv scientist; 10-21-2013 at 12:40 PM. Reason: added picture

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    Mad Web Tv Scientist,

    I am not sure what you are trying to do with my picture next to my PZ P47 Thunderbolt model but, if its the same to you, lets keep my picture right here and use it within these RCU threads and no where else. Thank you for understanding!


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    New Video!

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    Sunday Morning 10-27-2013

    Well guys,

    Sunday a bunch of us tried out the High School School Concrete Band practice area near my house and its one nice site that we have used for years. Just recently we have had several issues with RF jamming at one certain area and one nice FMS Henschel Hs 123 1030mm went down at the same very spot my beloved Park Zone P-47D Thunderbolt came down.

    I was inverted (many flights prior) and the model was at its turning lap and all of a sudden the Model did not respond to my increased Down Elevator input to keep it level and she sunk downwards and nothing I could do...:censored:

    We all heard a very LOUD BOOM and I just thought (SHE IS DONE). Walking and crossing the street, we found it at the sidewalk and not bad at all considering the hard hit and very LOUD and nerve wracking thud.opcorn:

    I have no idea how the model right side itself but, we found her on its belly!

    I have already started on the repairs and got all the SPARE PARTS!

    A few pictures!

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    Repairs 10-29-2013

    I really got to give Credit in the Design of this model, the Plastic Motor mount coupled with the Thick Plastic large Cowling really saved my model and most especially the Firewall. Only a small hairline crack was observed on the right side frontal FUSE area near the Firewall and where the Cockpit hatch area meets and nothing else.

    Lots of people purchase the Aluminum metal Motor mount but, it is my thoughts that the plastic motor mount is very robust and during a crash like my model's it saved the motor and the entire FUSE structure to the point that it could be repaired.

    I have used nothing but, GORILLA Wood Glue and certainly using the regular GORILLA White Glue would have been more appropriate, however, I was so impressed on the manner in which it repaired the Tail Section of my model's FUSE that I used it for the wing crack near the root - frontal section.

    Again, a few pictures!

    FUSE Tail section stronger than ever!

    Wing is in pretty good shape, considering!

    Took off Left Retract to work on the wing Crack!

    Bracing Wing with slight pressure to allow glue to set and cure!

    Got to be thankful for these parts that saved the model from more damage!

    Not a scratch on the FIREWALL !!!

    Motor mounted on a new Motor Mount!

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    Repairs & Paint Touch Ups 10-31-2013

    Okay, I have finally finished all repairs and today the cosmetic issues as well. I ran out of Silver Acrylic Paint but, not before I finished touching up all areas of my model that needed it.

    I use nothing but, Model Masters Acrylic paints and they are super! Lets not forget the filler material known as Light Wall Spackle!

    A few pictures!

    Now for the FUSE Coverage!

    After a very light sanding and Paint Touch Up!

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    Repairs & Paint Touch Up continued........10-31-2013

    Wing after Paint Touch Up!

    Leading Edge practically perfect!

    Missing Aileron Push Rod has been Replaced from T-28 Trojan Stock and readjusted for P47 Thunderbolt use!

    Overview Shots

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    Final Repairs, Paint and MinWax Application!!!

    Here are the latest Post Repair pictures of my beloved Park Zone P-47 Thunderbolt after that Ugly Crash from last Sunday morning!

    These pictures just do not bring justice after using the MinWax Waterbase protector coating as in person and most especially in the AIR it looks great!

    A few pictures!

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    Just an amazing morning at Moon Port Modelers RC Club!!

    Paid up my dues for 2015 calendar year and showed my AMA card. Additionally, no one else came with me to work using the large FORD Econo E250 Transport Van. I am so glad my RC Club is on the way to work!

    A few pictures of my Park Zone P-47D Thunderbolt.

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    Okay, just sharing my installation of the new E-Flite P-47 "COWLING" onto my old but, reliable Snorting Bull by Park Zone!

    I took me 35 minutes to paint, 5 minutes to tape and another 5 minutes to clean-up so, less than one (1) hour!

    Ha Ha Ha! I Can't Wait to fly her and take some in-flight pictures!

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    Very nice!

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    All of your pictures and even some of mine that have since been "mysteriously" (?) removed and replaced with an "x" in a " box" used to show up nicely on my PC. Hopefully, most of these pictures are still available for others who don't have so much PC trouble as I tend to experience.

    I enjoy both of my P-47s very much. The newest one serves as a back-up "high tech" demonstrator for my favorite "Dallas Doll" P-51 Mustang that with it's very scale looking "larger than usual" flap area allowing very slow flying performance is my very favorite fun flying fighter under favorable conditions. The older, lighter "no landing gear" equipped "belly landing" machine that flies "comfortably slower" will probably get more hours of flying time because it flies so nicely over the small ground cluttered area near my house. I may have to install a "newer" cowl myself. It would be nice if your pictures would show up better on my PC.

    It's good to see others enjoying this legendary piece of historic flying art.

    Thanks guys.

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Spitfire Brotherhood (All Spitfires Welcome) #64 - Post #408 - Battle of Britain & Winston Churchill relevancy to modeling (SEE POST BELOW) - See why we fight -
    __________________________________________________ ________________
    The following URL brings up the most concise, non-technical (with technical references) discussion about the revolutionary THORIUM PLASMA BATTERY technology I have found on the web. ENJOY! Oh what fun we are going to have in the future of flight!


    PS might help show a motive behind the destruction of my web sites and pictures. brings up a sample of some of my latest web warfare that's keeping me pinned down a lot.

    The URL on all of my fighter threads for the information about Winston Churchill no longer works for me. In case it doesn't work for others also, here is a "cut and pasted" copy of my favorite post about this great leader.

    RE: Spitfire Brotherhood (All Spitfires Welcome)

    It is really great to enjoy the enthusiasm of so many Spitfire Brotherhood members for what many believe to be the most beautiful fighter of all time! One of the monuments to Britain's FINEST HOUR, the SPITFIRE is surely a great reminder of the FEW to whom so many owe so much!

    Britain's leader at the time, Sir Winston Churchill, has been named the greatest Briton of all time in a nation wide poll. His inspirational leadership is inseparable from the heroic fighter pilots and their immortal aircraft. It is impossible for me to separate the idealism from the planes and/or the pilots. "If Britain - its eccentricity, its big heartedness, its strength of character - has to be summed up in one person, it has to be Winston Churchill." So says the article entitled: "Churchill voted greatest Briton."

    The insulting act of kicking Winston Churchill's statue out of the White House (check out the web for articles) should require at the very least an apology. Surely I am not the only Spitfire and Hurricane owner fan to be offended. So far, only one other modeler has demonstrated the same feelings I have about the situation.

    I am looking forward to participating in Battle of Britain celebrations in spirit by flying my Spitfires and Hurricane in memory of the Battle that surely saved Western Civilization from destruction as well as the values that made it possible.

    Modelers can, and I hope will play an important roll in the culture war that is desperately and relentlessly being waged to enslave us all to a powerful elite. So, let us wake up and smell the gun powder before it is too late!

    Aim High, Fly, Fight, Win!


    [] [sm=lol.gif][sm=cry_smile.gif] (I wish the "action smileys" would work consistently on my PC. Until I see them working like they should I will not be clicking on them to use on my posts for the foreseeable future.)

    __________________________________________________ ___

    __________________________________________________ ___
    Spitfire Brotherhood (All Spitfires Welcome) #64 - Post # 407 Battle of Britain & Winston Churchill relevancy to modeling

    PS For some unknown reason I am being blocked from forwarding a copy of this post to friends. You don't suppose someone out there doesn't like me very much, do you? (problem finally corrected (4/19/12) possibly before going "viral.")

    Without encouragement of wholesome enduring values that promote personal growth, modeling would be little more than a frivolous waste of time, or worse - check out the "Turkey Shoot" page on my CALL TO GLORY [now located on my Hurricane thread as well as the MK II Spit site that includes attacking responses] web site to see what I mean. Cultural relevance of modeling is essential for it to thrive and grow like it should.

    E-flite Hawker Hurricane !!! (post # 124)

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    You can visit my Blog containing my Modifications for using the E-Flite P-47 Jug's Checker Board Cowling at:

    As promised, here are some super in-flight pictures of my PZ P-47 Jug using the new E-Flite P-47 Checker Board Cowling.

    My Buddy Gerry (simano) took these and the conditions were heavy overcast so, was forced to shoot at ISO 1600 which adds quite a bit of noise and dulls the contrast...but the idea was to show off the new cowling which I think shows on these.

    Take-Off Roll.....

    Into the Cloudy Sky!

    What we been waiting for!

    Landing at the edge of Runway - Touch down on Grass!

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    Very inspirational work!

    Just after ordering a checkered cowl for my "Snortin' Bull" at the hobby shop, where I was showing off my "Red Bull P-38," it dawned on me that I just had to order another P-38 that can be flown very much like my "hand launch belly landing Snortin' Bull." Like the Snortin' Bull the new P-38 will enjoy the lightness of having no landing gear to uselessly carry around. As mentioned earlier the belly landing P-47 is very convenient to fly near my house and it has become obvious that I need P-38s that will perform the same missions that are being accomplished by my killer P-47s.
    Last edited by mad web tv scientist; 11-23-2015 at 04:21 PM.

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    Hello Gals & Guys!

    Finally we ourselves down in Central Florida had a fantastic break on the weather conditions! Of course it was rather chilly for us that are used to very HOT and high humid conditions but, we all came prepared with our winter wear!

    My good buddy, Gerry (simano) came with his fantastic Digital Signal Lens Reflex (DSLR) and did a wonderful job with all those that flew today in the later hours of the morning.

    Here is my Park Zone P-47D Thunderbolt:

    Setup Configuration:
    - Park Zone 480 (960Kv) Brushless Motor (PZ T-28 Trojan Power Plant)
    - E-Flite 30-AMP Pro V-2, Switch-mode ESC
    - 4-Blade Propeller (10.25 X 8 X 4) from the Durafly 1100mm P-51D Mustang:
    - Admiral (MotionRC) 3-Cell, 2200mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer Battery

    Zoom like a home sick dove at nothing above 3/4 throttle.

    A few pictures!

    Camera: Pentax K-X DSLR
    Lens: Promaster 70-300mm, f4-5.6/w Tele-Macro Zoom

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    The last picture showing the 3 point landing!

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