As an official sucker for scale planes, I knew I was going to wind up buyingthis parkflyer sized plane as soon as I saw the ads withthe details. A parkflyer with 480 classbrushless power and all foam epp construction to go along with its beautiful lines, plus able to use the Hobby King turnigy3s220o batteries I already had, it was a done deal.

I have done no modifications to this one yet, but have some scale detailing planned. My test flights showed a plane that flys in a trainerish stablefashion. Power is adequete, but not overly strong. It is a very quiet plane with very little motor or prop noise. It takess off grass easily, and cruises nicely at 1/2 throttle giving long flights on a 3s2200 hobby king battery. While it will do nice scale aerobatics, its at its best doing slow flybys to see that awesome wing and paintjob. In slow flight, the plane is stable and easy to handle, and generally relaxing to fly. The only thing I found to gripe about is landing on paved surfaces. Unlike landing on grass, the plane will often turn sharplyon touchdown, requiring a quick hand on the rudder to give straight roll outs.

I do plan on detailing out this one, probally with custom paint and a pilot figure, and expect to keep it a long time. Its definately a keeper.