I got this 3d parkflyer on a great close out deal from my local hobby shop for under $40. It has plug in wings for easy transport, and a very stiff structure which made it a solid aerobatic platform. I outfitted it with a Hobby King outrunner that has plenty of power in a plane this size and runs on the Turnigy 3s200 batteries which I have plenty of. The build took very little time, and since the canopy snaps off without tools, I had a very easy job mounting the battery too. My modifications were visual. The see through wing, while looking great was very difficult to see clearly at a distance, especially when the sun was shining through it. The solution was tocover the wing bottom with colored tape. Problem solved. I also added some reflective tape to the rudder area, again to help with orientation on bright glary days.

Flying was fun. While not especially light at 24 oz, the plane has LOTS of power, and goes medium fast, I ‘m guessing 40 mph or so. It flies very well at lower speeds though with lots of control authority for aerobatics even at very low speeds. This makes it possible to get some long flights. I often see 15 minutes of mild aerobatics on a single charge.

I think this plane is not available anymore which is a shame. It is a very fun plane to fly.