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Eflite Taylorcraft parkflyer


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Default Eflite Taylorcraft parkflyer

When I first saw the Eflite Taylorcraft, I had to have it as I was wanting a scale civilian aircraft, and this parkflyer was good looking!

I planned to use some nice equipement I had including a Kontronic Fun400-36 motor with planetary gearbox. This is a nice strong motor, but was difficult to install as the plane was designed for an outrunner and the mounting was completely wrong. It was alsoheavier than stock and required a heavier battery as well. This led to a problem balancing and required even more weight in form of lead in the tail to allow it to balance. In flight, it performed ab0ut how you would expect for an overweight but powerful parkflyer. Climb was great, speed was good, mid and low speed handling was terrible. In any sort of lower speed turn, great care had to be used to not have a terminal tip-stall. I had several close calls that I only got out of because I had enough altitude to recover. The excess weight also made the flexable elevator halfs connction a real problem. Due in part to the heavy load placed on it from being an overweight plane, the side of the elevator the servo connected to would move further than the other side, causing a noticable and unwanted roll effect. This was especially disconcerting coming outof a loop and the plane would try to roll out forcing aileron correction. I solved this by epoxying in a heavy stiffeningpiece of wire connecting both halfs underneath where it doesn’t show much.

While I have had a lot of problems with this plane, most of them were due to my need to make it “better”, and could have been avoided if I just went the stock route.

Dean in Milwaukee

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Default RE: Eflite Taylorcraft parkflyer

I just put together a E-flite Taylor craft last nite . Today was supposed to be the maiden , built it per spec , but I did add some personel items . I got some gold colored cellophane and tinted the windows . Cut some card board from a cereral box for a floor and back deck to hide the servos. Installed a dshboard with the seats . Made some small boxes as a freight load too. Later on this plane will get a pair of floats . Will fly the Acme Flying Services logo . Which might be a flying coyote !
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