I’ve had this clipped wing cubparkflyerplane from TheWorldModels.com for a long time, probally 6 or 7 years. I got it at a the swap meet at the sharks electric fly. It was my first Cub and I had so much fun with it I now have several others all done in the same paint scheme. I outfitted it with a hacker a20-30m and either a gws 8x6hd or a 9x5hd prop,( depending on how windy it is)running on 3s 1250 cells. The combination of the hacker motor and the low power needs of the cub have led toflights as long as 1/2 hour of touch and goes.

The plane itself fliesvery nicely, feeling solid in the air and does nice tight aerobatics. It is capable of doing anything a real life super cub can do and more since its got way more power for its weight than a real one does. Top speed is perhaps 40mph, but it flies comfortably and in full control at 1/2 that. This coupled with very low takeoff and landing speeds means it flies easily from a typical baseball diamond.

This is a very nice flying scale plane that can be used as a basic trainer on low rates, but does enough advanced aerobatics to keep you interested long after you’re no longer a beginner.