So I got this plane from tower hobbies thinking that it was small and i practice how to fly at home, but I didn't get any electronics because the kit a tower hobbies was freaking too expensive now I am ordering the setup stuff from tower hobbies and can really use some suggestions. First I wanted to see if I can put the AP05 motor on it or is that too much power and then what battery and esc I would need to get. From the manual it says to use a C05 motor a 7.4v 100-200mah lipo and a 4025 prop, but I HK dont have that motor so this is what I was thinking

Motor: AP05

BATTERY: 120mah 2 cell

ESC: 10a HK @ 8g

Servo: 2*2.5g

Prop: 5*3 or 4025 very unsure on this one

Rx: Orange 3g reciever
Thanks a ton guys and yea I know this shouln't be a trainer plane but I don't plan on flying it anytime soon nut until atleast master my slowstick