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Found great battery packs for Slow Stick


Old 04-12-2003, 01:49 PM
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Default Found great battery packs for Slow Stick

Hello All, Just wanted to share info on a couple of battery packs I found that work great with a slow stick. The Hobby Zone packs for the fighterbird, both the 6 cell 900mAh and the 7 cell 900 mAh. These packs fit the Slow Stick battery holder like they were intended for this plane. The only thing I had to modify was I had to change the connectors to the JST style to fit my speed control.

My slow stick has a flying weight of 16.9 oz with the 7 cell and 16.2 with the 6 cell. I am using a great planes electrifly C-10 speed control, a FMA Extreme 5 reciever, and two older royal micro servos I had lying around. My motor is the 300 like most everyone else's. My Tx is a Futaba skysport 4 FM. ground range check is almost 300 feet. I have rock solid control as far as you can see the plane. This plane will fly hands off in calm air as long as you want it to. I agree that 5 to 8 mph winds are about the limit with this plane. Low slow flybys and touch and goes are great with this model. That no rollout landing just has to be seen to be believed. Loops are easy with a shallow dive to get some speed and easy on the elevator makes them big and round "real pretty"

I am getting 11 minutes of flight time with the 6 cell pack and I havent timed the 7 cell yet. I am being conservative about power mangement and have not pushed the packs to the BEC point yet. I like to have a bit of power available for the approach if I need it. This is making ROG takeoffs out of 1-1/2 to 2" grass. Level flight is 1/3 to 1/2 throttle. I measured the current draw at full throttle with the stock motor and the 11x8 GWS prop and it's 5.72 amps. I'm sure it's less in the air as the prop unloads.

Having a ball with my slow stick and hoping this helps someone else.
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Default slow stik battery

hey dude that was my first was okay,but a better battery is at radio shack.its a 8 aa cell 1450 mah.easily get 20 minutes.another good one is from,8 cell 1100 mah, 2 batteries for 39.00 shipped to door.i put aiptek mini cam on it.only mod was foam wheels.
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