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kitespeed 12-26-2011 03:40 PM

firebird freedom gone mad new
Well merry xmas 2 u all

i have a majour problem , My plane is going mad.
never flown . i charged up the bat and pluged he in sweet all ok,
next day fully charged and ready to go .. Quick test and one of the servos was not working ? must be stuck.
striped it and turned it back rebuilt . i pluged it in and noise from servo not the right one, sounds like it kept going inside the servo after the arm reach its stop.
unplugged tried again this time no noise then the motor kicks in full power even though it should be off no movement from servos just a stuck motor on full..
I bought this for my son he's very upset and i need to fix it . im no begginer but need some advice
please help

hugger-4641 12-26-2011 04:03 PM

RE: firebird freedom gone mad new
A few questions will help us help you.
1. Did you buy this from a hobby shop, directly from Horizon Hobbies, or did you buy it from an individual? These planes had some defective circuit boards, especially in channel 2. If you bought it from hobby shop or Horizon, you should be able to get some help from them to determine the problem and get it fixed free of charge. Horizon will still help you regardless where you bought it, but you may have to buy the repair parts out of your pocket if you bought from and individual.
2. Is the ACT turned off? If not, turn it off, disconnect it, throw it away for that matter, it is useless.
3. What kind of battery does it have, Lipo or Nicad? Have you checked the voltage to make sure the pack is actually full charged?
4. When you power it up, do you have the Tx turned on first with the throttle and trim slide lever both pulled to "off" position before you plug the battery into the plane?
5. If you disconnect the motor leads, do the servos still work correctly?

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downunderdog 12-27-2011 06:40 AM

RE: firebird freedom gone mad new
First question is, is the transmitter on before you plug in the plane battery?

Second question, has the transmitter ever controlled the plane? (I guess I'm asking if you're sure the frequency of the transmitter and receiver match... has it ever worked where the servos and motor on the plane responded correctly to stick inputs on the transmitter?)

Those are the first things I'd suspect - no signal from the transmitter to the receiver, so the receiver is picking up a stray signal from somewhere.

If that's not the problem, then I'd guess you have a bad receiver.

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