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afineman 01-03-2005 07:38 PM

The Badius Owners Club
Howdy all

For the people checking out the new thread, this is actually a continuation of the “Does anybody fly Accipiter Badius in here? “ thread.

Where it is winter for some of us, we are finding our selves chatting more than flying, we have been going WAY off topic, and we thought a new thread would be a better place.

Because our interest in planes has become diversified, most still own the AB, but we talk about many more.

Come on in, sit, have a beer, we’ll chew the fat for a while.

We don’t want to have a set topic ( that way we never go off ).

I got the nickname Hollywood in the Does anybody fly Accipiter Badius in here? Thread. I got this because I seem to be making a movie a week, my most recent is here http://users.adelphia.net/~afineman/.

I fly the Accipiter Badius that I (and my brother) have modified the heck out of. The Gws Formosa with HiMax 2025-5300, swinging a 12X8 prop, GWS A-10, GWS Corsair, GWS Slow Stick. I am a New Be in the sense I have only been flying for 6 months BUT decades of trying.

We love to help, so if you have a question ask it, if one of us can answer it we will, if we can’t we’ll tell you.

We DO NOT claim to experts in any thing, but what we do know came at a price ( new prop, wings, etc,etc).

Well, have fun ALL

ShellDude 01-03-2005 07:42 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

Now to cover a few things. The Accipter Badius is sold by many different names and has a ton of variations that have been applied to it over the years. Maybe we should start with an inventory of all the names we know our plane by... possibly even include some pictures.

I'll start with a screenshot of the original AB you could buy off eBay exclusively a few years ago (slightly modified to accomodate my sick sense of adventure)


iflyatcae 01-03-2005 07:48 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club
wow. been a while since ive seen a page 1. I wonder if it will fill up as fast as the original.

I hate the stock batteries. Ive had them six months and now on a full charge they last only about 4 minutes! It straight sucks. My ailerons are working great though.

well, may the fun begin....

Loubud 01-03-2005 08:06 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club
Hi All,
Love my Badius but today I got a T-Rex Heli. If I could read I'd assemble it. Oooh Pictures.
A couple of weeks ago I got a Hitec Optic 6 TX with the synthesizer. i think I'll take it back and get the Airtronics RD8000. The puter part of the Hitec is a bit tougher than it should be. Airtronics is easier and has 2 more channels. What fun.

afineman 01-03-2005 08:09 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

When was the last time you cycled the batteries ( deep discharge ) followed by a charge

some people do find this helps ( my self included)

Let me know, if need be I can tell you ways to safely discharge the batteries

Loubud 01-03-2005 08:12 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club
Hey Ifly. I just didn't bother with them anymore. I had 2 sets but one set melted from overcharging and the other I sent to RayRay. I like the 1100 mah bats a lot. Good balance and good flight times.

afineman 01-03-2005 08:14 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

If you are going to show the rocket pod on the AB, you MUST post the video link.

millcityforlife 01-03-2005 08:32 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club
Brent good link now we can post at will thanks again for helping getting the plane down from the tree

CaptainRandy 01-03-2005 08:57 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

Thanks for starting the page. I know you were kind of against it, but I think it will work.

I just had to post on Page 1.

Now I can revoke Rule SM55 and say whatever I feel like.

afineman 01-03-2005 09:03 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

I got the motor and ESC from here http://www.balsapr.com/catalog/motor...ductId=U427453

Sorry I forgot, what plane are you planning on using this on again, this is a nice motor combo but it does have it's limit.

In the Corsair I am using a GWS 8X6 prop, but I am also using a 2 cell lipo.
The web sight calls for a 8X4 prop, where you will be using a 3 cell lipo, I would suggest you use the 8X4 prop.

As far as extras, all you will need is the male connector that goes between the ESC and battery, some solder and heat shrink or electrical, that it.

Hope it helps

PS. this is the advantage of the new thread, you can ask these questions in the forum rather than PM

Loubud 01-03-2005 09:35 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club
I never bother with such things.

Troublecar24 01-03-2005 09:37 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club
Hi All
I like the new thred.
Would that brushless setup work on a slow stick?
Brent how did you mount the brushless on the badius?

TerryE 01-03-2005 09:54 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club
Good evening to all.

Well, we are back on page 1 - only 99 more to go!

I flew the Badius today, beautiful day, ~65 degrees, very light wind, big puffy clouds - in other words ... perfect.
The flights we not eventful (thank goodness) just nice relaxing flying.

Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" on the new thread. With no SM55 no we can talk about what we want :D

What do you think of the heli - I would like to get your impressions as you build / maiden it. If I can help - let me know...

Cool video as allways. Have you tried a 3 cell lipo on the Ultimate - also, what brand of LiPo do you recommend?

Thanks care to all, and to all a good night

CaptainRandy 01-03-2005 10:11 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club
You know this thread is called the Badius Owners Club, and some wise guy is going to come along and say what's all the non badius talk? I thought this was a Badius thread.

The original thread was a question? Does anyone fly Accipiter Badius out there? That did not make it a Badius only thread, it was just a question.

This new thread is a Badius only thread.

Just Kidding:D

TerryE 01-03-2005 10:16 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

Am I in violation of SM55 [X(][X(] ?

Badius badius badius (for this post)

Badius badius badius (for the last post)

PLEASE do not come and take my poly wings :(

There, now I feel so much better :D

afineman 01-03-2005 10:29 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

This brush less motor would not be a real improvement in the Slow Stick.

I have been reading up on what others have tried doing with this motor, it really is not a good choice for the slow stick. You need something that can swing a big prop, and this motor can't.
I will say, this motor does (for me) give the Corsair perfect power, as thought it was made for the Corsair. But then again in time as I get better, I may want to throw something bigger on it. BUT I really liked the power and the way it flew on it's maiden, SSOO who knows


No I have not used a 3 cell yet, my skills as of yet can't use the extra power, I also like the reduced weight.

Currently I'm using Lipos from here http://lightflightrc.com/, Dave is a good guy and gives GREAT support ( he responded on a Sunday to an e-mail I sent him).
When it comes to lipos, the technology is changing FAST, what is the rage today will change next month, select a battery that meets your current needs and what you think you may want to do in the next flying season ( capacity, C rating, weight ), any of the lipos form the reputable suppliers are ok. for me #1 Cost, #2 Capacity, #3 C rating, #4 Weight.

BY NO MEANS am I saying this should be used a a standard, this is just the way I approach the lipos.

Hope it helps

iflyatcae 01-03-2005 10:33 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club
1 Attachment(s)

First off, if letting the battery drain by leaving the plane on until servos no longer respond to input is what you mean by cycling the bats, then I did that yesterday. However I didnt do it that much before the last month or so.

Next, I was thinking of putting it in either the badius or maybe that cobra of mine. I just read that it has a firewall mounting capability and was thinking that would be awsome on my cobra so that I could get some 3D out of it. Do you think it could go in the badius? I got a PJS 550E motor from hobbylobby as I think I've told you before, and I just cant figure out how to mount the dang thing.

Boy would I love to have that thing in my badius with a 3s 1100mah lipo. I reckon Id get some good flight, and long flight with that setup. I could have a heck of a plane with that combined with my ailerons, then i could get some muddin tires like yours...

the first picture is duh, the badius. second is my cobra. then the nose of the cobra that I have to figure out how to mount to. then the last one is my doggy, Boo. yes thats her name, boo. go ahead, laugh.

afineman 01-03-2005 10:36 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

The answer to that question is.

Yes we all own a Badius.

In reality the only answer on Does anyone fly Accipiter Badius out there? should be a Yes or a No:D.

CaptainRandy 01-03-2005 10:52 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

Just because you were talking about batteries, I had a thought.

Many years ago, when I worked:) I owned a sporting good company in New York.

We sold and serviced Shakespeare Trolling motors. One day I had Poloroid camera that took the film pack that also contained the battery to drive the camera. When the film was done you threw out the empy film container that still had the battery in it.

One day, I decided to break open the film cartridge and see what the battery looked like.
It looked very similar to a lipo pack, very thin flat pack,maybe the size of a cigarette pack, but only 1/4" thick. I remember reading the voltage and it was close to 12v.

I had no idea of the amperage capacity of this pack and keep in mind it was only designed to deliver enough amps to drive the Poloroid camera until the film was used up.

I had a 12v electric trolling motor that I just had to try and power with this battery. These motors would typically draw some pretty high amps when hooked to a deep cycle trolling battery.

The tiny little battery actually powered the motor and had the prop spinning pretty good.

The test was very incomplete and I never tried to read the amp draw or let it run for very long.
I was just amazed that it would actually tirn the motor over.

I recently tried to buy a film pack from a store and they said the new cameras have a separate battery for the camera. I don't know if you can still buy the old film packs anywhere.

It would be interesting to know what they were rated at. They were also very light weight.
I would love to find one and try it in a plane.

I thought if they were used by Real estate people or someone like that and you could get them to save their old packs for you, you might have a free source of batteries that you could fly with.

This was about 20years ago.

afineman 01-03-2005 11:08 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

Yes that was the discharge method I was talking about, they may need to be cycled a few times though, if after 3 cycles if they don't come back, then it is time for new batteries.

I just checked out the PJS 550E, I'm not sure of the dimensions of the motor cavity in the Cobra, but this motor too is firewall mounted, in the Cobra motor cavity you may be able to mount a piece of thin plywood (the kind you find in the bottom of a small wooden draw), then mount the PJS 550E to that. ( got motor info from here http://www.hobby-lobby.com/brush less_external.htm ), this motor would be better in the AB where the P21 from here http://www.hobby-lobby.com/brush less_external.htm would be better in the Cobra.
The PJS 550E has a smooth shaft for mounting folding prop, the P21 takes a GWS style prop.

Hope it helps

afineman 01-03-2005 11:18 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

Remember the motor had no load on it, if you took the prop off, a watch battery would spin a S300 motor fast, but put the prop back on and try it again, you would then have a little Hiroshima.

You know that is funny, I remember those batteries, and I too wondered. At that time I did a lot of service work for Polaroid ( they were down in Cambridge Ma , I remember asking, but I don't remember the response ( it must not of been good because I never followed through )

Loubud 01-03-2005 11:32 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club
Hi All,
Hey Terry. I first had the Shogun Heli. After a few minutes of just trying it out, it was obvious that it is a junk heli. Not worth the cost of upgrades. i sent it back and bought the T-Rex. It seems to be a popular one and the heli that the Shogun folks trade up to. The LHS sells Shoguns and is willing to help me put mine together. Good guys over there.
Ifly. Our cat is named Boo. Must be ok since she thinks shes a dog. Comes when you whistle for her. Plays a small amount of fetch and prefers raw beef. Goofy cat.

iflyatcae 01-03-2005 11:58 PM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

im confused, where do you think each motor should go??? about the mounting screws, should I just go to the LHS? guess so, stupid question.


Diggidy 01-04-2005 12:18 AM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

I was thinking about getting the Hitec Optic 6. You don't recommend it?
Can you give a little more detail on what you had to program into the tx?

afineman 01-04-2005 12:19 AM

RE: The Badius Owners Club

On the Cobra, mount a piece of plywood in to the Cobra (from the front ), cut a hole in the center (so the wires can pass through) then mount the P21 to the plywood, ( in your photo, think of nothing but the thin plywood behind the quarter).

On the AB using the same kind of plywood, make 2 pieces about the same size as the stock aluminum motor plate. put one on each side of the fuse, screw/glue the together, drill a hole in the center ( for the wires) and mount the PJS 550E, the only problem with this is the motor is more exposed, SSOO if you crash hard it may damage the motor, so don't use big screws to hold the motor on, use screws big enough to hold the motor yet small enough to shear on a crash.

Did I paint a better picture this time, I hope so.

Well it's Bedtime for Bonzo, later ALL

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