The BL-3GRCAircraft Gyro/controller is a sea change in RC Aircraft control, with excellent quality, incredible levels of configuration and fine tuning, while at the same time allowing out of the box use for beginners - and doing all this at low cost. Designed be ex Aerospace industry professionals it is a truly remarkable and innovative product. Described by one blog / forum writer as a game changer! Another customer writesI think it will go viral as the buzz gets generated... And now V2.0 software has just been announced:

I fly fast and want fast gyro response but my RC Tx only outputs pulses at 15ms. Would be good to increase to say 6ms to support my fast digital servos
-with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN

Would be good to fly my delta wing slowly on landing to save on runway length
- With the BL-3GRC YOU CAN add flaperon function even for delta wing

I have a big aircraft which needs lots of runway to land. Some sort of speed brake would be good
- with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN with two stage flaps, third stage ailerons up for air-brake / 'crow' function

I have a big beast of a plane with dual wing servos, even two opposing servos for the rudder. Would be good to have just one controller
- With the BL-3GRC YOU CAN with two configurable outputs per axis

I like to teach my novice friend how to fly but he has a habit of veering off to the side of the runway on take-off. Would be good to have very large gyro rudder gain just at take off
- with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN

Would be good not to have to re-trim my aircraft after a long time or remember which RC Tx has the trim saved. Great if the gyro can automatically save the trim settings
- with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN just pick up any RC transmitter and set all trims to zero

I like to fly fast but want good stability during slow landings with flaps or flaperons
- with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN set real time two gain switch for fast / slow flying

I am a bit of a novice and only have a small area to fly in, would be good to find a way to keep the turns tight and stop flying away so far. I'm still a bit nervous about using the rudder myself, would be good if some rudder could be applied during my turns
- with the BL-3GRC YOU CAN

I have a foamie flying wing aircraft would be good to hide a controller inside the wing
- with the BL-3GMod YOU CAN. The MOD version is a small 35mm square, thin PCB, you can cut off or de-solder the pins, connect (solder) only the inputs and outputs you want, and have a flying wing with controller/flaperon function/gyro buried inside.

Such a low price too, talk about a game changer! I work for Bluelight so don't take my word for it, check out the user manual and PC set up s/w before you buy.

V2.0 press release here