I am, or should I say, was, the owner of Superior RC Model Distributors. I made every attempt to provide the best top quality giant-scale models that anyone would hope to own. I had the best coverings with Oracover, the finest fit and finish, as well as craftsmanship, but a new brand name and being unknown in a bad economic situation did not help.

Anyone that has a Superior RC model needs to know that there have been upgrades to these models to make their performance last longer.

The carbon fiber hinge rods in our original model have been upgraded to Stainless Steel Rods due to the wearing at the hinge locations in our Pocket Hinge System.
If you purchased one of the Superior RC models at a shop, or from a friend, or from the auction, and the model does not include the steel hinge rods, you need to know that the original carbon hinge rods will wear at the contact points and eventually fail, which may cause difficulty in changing them, or catastrophic flight failure.

The models that were sold at auction should contain the steel rods, and if they do not, it is the responsibility of the auction house because they were notified and supplied with the upgraded parts before the auction took place.

For other parts that may be needed due to unfortunate circumstances, you may contact the factory representative directly by email. This email is the exact contact that I have from the factory which I contracted to manufacture my Superior RC models. Parts can be ordered for each color scheme that I offered for sale.

For parts, please contact Ruby at sales@flyermodel.com, and I am sure that she will be able to help you.

I have made every effort to make my models the best you can get, and I assure you that Ruby will be able to help you obtain the parts that you need in the original colors of the schemes that were offered at the time of sale.

Any other questions about the Superior RC brand can be directed to me at superiorrc@yahoo.com and I will do my best to help you any way I can.

Rick Adams
Superior RC