Hi everyone and welcome to my inaugural Post

I happened to enquire about the cost of something because it wasn't in stock my favourite stores website. I buy from them directly, after spending many, many, many hours searching on Google and Bing discovering that they are the cheapest to buy from here in the U.K.

F.Y.I. It's: http://goldstarstockists.net

Well as a result I was informed that ALL Tamiya Products will increase in price anything from around 5% all the way up to 20% - all because of the weak British Pound against the Japanese Yen after the Brexit Vote (calamity)

The increases will hit stores in about two or three weeks time - as of Jan 10 2017

I tried to find out if there was any formula to the increases and was told no. Some models in the same range are going up by different amounts. Cans of Spray Paint are unconfirmed to be going up by 6% but the little pots of paint are going up by 5% then brushes are going up 10% - it's all random.

After finding this out I have brought forward my next three model purchases forward and grabbed them all at once. Picked up a Tamiya Flatbed Trailer to go with my Mercedes 1838LS, 56058 Full Option King Tiger Tank and lastly 56348 Mercedes Actros 6x4.
(I nearly, nearly bought the Reefer Trailer too, as I'm planning to build my Mercedes as a Red Bull Racing F1 Team Truck. I know it should be s Man or a Scania, however Mercedes AMG F1 are my other favourite F1 team, so it's my homage to both teams. The RB trucks are more colourful than the Mercedes Team. I love the new RB metallic. Blue colour which I think will look awesome on my Actros.

Anyways that enough bragging and waffling, I'm good at waffling, for now. Hope I've been of use to people.

Regards, Michael