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warplanes 07-07-2002 06:29 AM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
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We are in the process of buying out the old st. croix line rc aircraft's. The four kits are a 1/5 scale Long EZ with a 62" w/s $249.99, a 1/4 scale Quickie with a 48" w/s $229.99, a Canard Stick with a 52" w/s $129.99, and a Star Chaser $129.99.

I am trying to get any feedback if possible from you kind folks here at rcuniverse.com if you have ever flown a Long EZ, Quickie, Canard Stick and or Star Chaser?

If you have ever purchased either of the four and if not would you consider buying a kit? Your feedback is needed and I appreciate you taking your time out to read this post!

If I can get 25 Unique responses to this post regardless if you were to purchase I will randomly select one (1) individule who post's a comment and give away one (1) of any four kits of your choice! I will post the winner on rcuniverse.com no later than July 25, 2002

I would like to take the opportunity to Thank each and everyone of you for posting a reply concerning feedback about the line of rc planes that we are in the process of manufacturing. I read over each and everyone of your post. Concerning the price on our line of rc planes I can tell you that not only are they competitive but fair. I will offer a 15% discount from anyone who makes a purchase before July 25,2002.

There are no die cutting of any parts. Our company uses laser cutting technology and additional features for realistic scale of the Long EZ and the Quickie. The actual plans are updated from the old version that was used years ago and now made simple for the kit builder in mind. These are quality built kits and not made in large quantities. Made in American! Right here in down home Alabama!

If anyone has purchased a kit in the earlier years I would welcome to hear what the prices were. Our family will offer something that many business's are lacking in. Customer Service! I figure that's worth a million alone :)

We have a winner !!!! Winner is.... Four_Stroker from: Lafayette LA

Thank you,

Below is an individule picture of the four planes...

SethKenney 07-07-2002 07:08 AM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
My Uncle built a full scale EZ-Long, and I plan to fly it as soon as I am done with my private liscense. It would be kinda cool to have a smaller scale version of the plane.

MikeL 07-07-2002 07:13 AM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
I'd consider a Canard Stick. It'd be something different.

thomasnc41 07-07-2002 07:37 AM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
I'm fairly new at RC flying and fairly experienced in life, 57 years old. I like basic aircraft such as Cessna's and Cubs. I doubt I would be interested in purchasing one of these aircraft, ("Quickie" isn't even in my vocabulary anymore) however, I wouldn't pass up a chance to try one for free. Good luck on your venture..........


AeroSports 07-07-2002 10:37 AM

Long-EZ & Quickie
I would like to buy both, however, I think the price tags for the line are way too high. you might be able to move more kits if you lower the prices.

Homebrewer 07-07-2002 11:36 AM

I'd buy one if it were a quality Built ARF!

jdwiflyrc 07-07-2002 11:39 AM

I do not build many kits, I like the odd and unusual planes and I have been thinking about a canard type of plane.

Good luck with your venture and by all means keep em fly'in, John

DavidAgar 07-07-2002 11:59 AM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
Many years ago, a buddy and I built and flew the Long Ez. What a hand full it was. We never could get it to settle down as far as being a smoothe flyer. Not sure if it was us or the plane. I would consider another one, however the price sticker is a definite factor for me considering what I know about the plane already. It is a looker at the flying field as it is indeed a different looking plane. Thanks and Good Luck with your venture, Dave.

iflyrc24 07-07-2002 12:17 PM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
I too would consider buying a Long Eze but the price was too much for me to justify for a kit that size. Are there any special features the run the cost up?


Four_Stroker 07-07-2002 12:34 PM

Long EZe
I saw a Long eze fly a few years ago. I even stayed an extra hour so I could see it fly. It was a neat looking airplane and it flew well too. I think it was a kit, but I don't remember which brand. I would definitely consider buying a Long EZE.

bq93 07-07-2002 01:49 PM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
As a full scale pilot there are a few airplanes that I know I want to fly before my days are done, the Long EZ is definitely near the top of the list. It obviously is a very unique airplane that seems like it would be a blast to fly. I think Mr. Rutan did a fine job.

That being the case I would like to find a quality kit of the airplane. I donít mind paying for quality, so a purchase of this kit would include a thorough investigation of all of the materials used, building and flying reviews, and finally balancing all of that information with the final price. I personally have never been one to be scared off by the price of a quality product. You usually get what you pay for. Good luck in your venture.

Champ-RCU 07-07-2002 01:52 PM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
I will build the unusual airplane on occasion (I'm finishing up a scratch built Hiperbipe now) would consider the Long-Eze if the price was more in line with other 40 size kits. I have the same question that iflyrc24 has above, is there something in the manufacture of the kit that increases the cost?
Good Luck with your venture (Or should I say ADventure)

aero 07-07-2002 01:53 PM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
I'd certainly consider it. I'm always looking for something unique and different to haul out to the field and have others gawk at it. Heck, half the fun of flying is talking about flying with your field mates.

Good Luck!

bash-ace-RCU 07-07-2002 02:01 PM

Long EZ
I started to build one from a kit (I don't remember the manufacturer, but they ran ads in RCM for a while for that kit, it was .40 size) I picked up about 7 years ago, it was not a kit for the beginner, the foam core wing was built from numerous smaller cores, and a fair degree of precision had to be used while assembling it. I was very eager to get it done, but the kit die-cutting was horrendous, and the instruction book could have almost been written for a different airplane, so I passed it on to someone else in a trade (I don't think it was ever finished). Now, recently, after moving to a new area, I started flying with a guy who actually persevered through the torture of building one of those kits. The plane was very scale looking, especially with the nose wheel retracted when it's sitting on the ground. I would have held on to my previous kit if I would have known that it would have turned out so beautiful (it's like the ugly duckling story). The plane flies well, tracks like an arrow and landings are very stable, I can see where the CG is very critical on this plane, it could make the difference between a good or a very bad experience. On a side note, flying the Long EZ is harsh on the eyes, it has an unfamiliar silhouette, and it gets challenging to track if you don't pay close attention to it. I would definitely buy and build another kit if it was updated with current kit practices, I can deal with a barbaric instruction manual, just don't like getting the band-saw out to take care of die cut parts.

daleao 07-07-2002 02:02 PM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
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here is a pic to look at
plane looks built very well
sturdy yet light weight
extremly easy to fly yet fast & agile
lands slowly and smooth & stable
plane will not stall as the front wing looses lift first
and drops the nose gently
this would be a great adition to anyones hanger
I would love a second myself

jetmex-RCU 07-07-2002 02:08 PM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
As they say, I'll fly anything once!

I've seen the kit in various magazines but have never purchased one. I do like the oddball airplanes, though, if for no other reason that to show up at the field with something no one else has. I'd be interested in the Long Eze, I worked on one a long time ago and helped a co-worker assemble a Quickie as well. The full scale Quickie fuselage fit in the back of my truck and drew all the neighborhood kids for a week or so before we hauled it to the airport. Not a large airplane!

Good luck with your venture, hope it all works out!

thejetman 07-07-2002 02:32 PM

1/4 scale
The 1/4 scale plane would interest me the most. I have never had one of these planes. I have worked on one in my time as an Avionics Technician.
They are some tight planes when you sit in them.
Good luck.

WLJ 07-07-2002 02:45 PM

Won't fly. Horizontal stabilizer is on the wrong end. ;) WLJ

timrcpilot 07-07-2002 03:53 PM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
I have always loved the look of the long EZ and the Quickie. They are interesting airplanes and unique looking, and get lots of attention at the field.

I have gotten out of the building mode, but I should have an addition finished on my house soon that will let me have a airplane workshop. I would like to begin building some more planes then. I have a FA-18 Hornet kit that is waiting for me. I am not sure if it will be the first plane i build then or if it will wait awhile longer.

Good Luck with your business.


4*60 07-07-2002 04:42 PM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
Prices too high for me! Designs could appeal.

Dpage 07-07-2002 05:05 PM

St Croix Canards
I have a Quickee but would love to get a the Long EZ. The only problem I thought there was with the Quickee was a weak canard that also served as the landing gear. Dan

mstraus 07-07-2002 05:09 PM

I am currently building a Long EZ I bought from Steve a few months ago when I considered buying the line. Glad to see someone finally did. I have completed the wing through ail/rud pushrod installation. So far so good. My only real suggestion would be to add photos/drawings to the already thourough manual. I plan on using the retract nose gear option with a Hobbico nose gear though I am going to make it more scale-a full castoring nose wheel with diferential brakes on the rear. When the EZ is finished I'll be tracking you down for a Quickie as I have an original info pack from 1984 for the full size version my dad started to buy and could still kick himself for not doing it. I plan to present it to him as gift!
Good luck

hattend 07-07-2002 07:22 PM

Free Long EZ RC Plane !
1 Attachment(s)
Here is a pic of the kit contents

hattend 07-07-2002 07:26 PM

Re: Free Long EZ RC Plane !
[QUOTE]Originally posted by warplanes
I will offer a 15% discount from anyone who makes a purchase before July 25,2002.

So you are already taking orders? That was quick! Send me your phone number. Are you set up for plastic yet?


hattend 07-07-2002 07:32 PM

Re: St Croix Canards

Originally posted by DPage
I have a Quickee but would love to get a the Long EZ. The only problem I thought there was with the Quickee was a weak canard that also served as the landing gear. Dan
I have the Quickee kit in storage at the moment and I have the same misgivings that you have about the gear. If I ever got around to building mine I was thinking of having a custom aluminum gear made by tnt landing gear that could be embedded in the foam.

It'll most likely add some pounds to the plane, but was an idea I was toying with.

That or kevlar inlay and make it bulletproof.

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