I built this kit some years back and have rebuilt it 3 times, LOL The wings are like steel but the fuselage is tinder. Here are 4 photos of all that is left, (oops...I do have the top wing).
In a moment of charity, I sent my plans to another on the site here that was wanting to complete his kit received without plans. So...

This bipe was one helluva flyer! A bear to build but in the air? A thing of beauty. I had her so heavy on the last rebuild that the 1/4" aluminum gear would spread just sitting on the runway. I had to rebend them after every flight. See? I'm one of those pilots that make 1 takeoff and 3 landings, lol.

Anyway, I know from experience that a lot of builders got way disgusted with Globals lousy die cutting, mis-shaped parts and vague assembly instructions. So, having said that....are there any builders/flyers out there having anything I might use to get this back in the air for the 4th re-incarnation? Yeah, I'll be changing the tail number, too...
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Many Thx!