Here is a letter sent to Gary James from Royce Lin in the General Managers office of Thunder Tiger.

Dear Gary,

We are not sure if this email address still works for you, and hope this email can find you well.

I have some questions those are important for all flyers who loves club 40 racing.

May I know how many flyers are still in this race?

So that we can decide to discontinue the Thunder Tiger Pro-40 or develop a brand new one.

Few years ago, Pro-40 was exclusively engine for the race, but now the race has Super Tiger GS-40, too.

As the manufacturer of Pro-40, our responsibility is much less.

Looking for your reply.

Best Regards

林崇安 / Royce Lin
總經理室 / G.M. Office
雷虎科技 / Thunder Tiger Corp.
Tel:+886-4-23591616 Ext.:814