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BenG60 10-07-2012 06:11 PM

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This forum needs somthing fresh to crash, I know there has been a few attemps to build a quickie with the mh27 airfoil, and the results didn't pan out apparentley. Coffey, a good friend, has a mh27 alum mold and we had to give it a try, so he sent the mold to Sam and had him build a couple wings, one with the ailerons out on the tips and cut in a little deeper. One of the complaints of the mh27 is it looses it's ailerons at slow speeds, hopefully this might help. The other wing was built more conventional. The other issue with the mh27 was i'ts a bit pitch sensitive, Coffey knew the builder of the mold and thought the wing may have some washout. If this wasn't taken into account while building, it could pose some of these issue. Sam did a great job as usual laying up a couple wings. The wing does have some wash out, two tenths of a degree. The leading edge was pretty sharp, this too may have posed some problems. I've set the wing up a little over two tenths positive and sanded some more radius in the leading edge, the fuse is a copy of a vortex, and the tail is a copy of one of Sam's with a skinned hinge, it's not quite finished, but I thought I'd post some pics. ill post more pics after its cleared

Kevin Matney 10-07-2012 07:47 PM

RE: mh27
I can cut you core for mh27 so you try what ever you want?

Kevin Matney 10-07-2012 07:49 PM

RE: mh27
did you set the wing to -1.5 neg aoa

BenG60 10-07-2012 08:30 PM

RE: mh27
the wash out starts at about twelve inches in from the wing tips, if the center of the wing was at 0 deg the tips would be -2 tenths, so i set the wing at 0 at the tips, and this is + two tenths of a deg next to the fuse.

Kevin Matney 10-07-2012 09:39 PM

RE: mh27
ComuFoil Pro says it should be the whole way out

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