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Scorpionjack 12-02-2001 11:09 PM

Neme-Q and other sites




Drew Page has an extensive Racers listing for Planes and parts.


mvigod 12-07-2001 03:27 AM

Neme-Q and other sites
Thanks for the links to those resources!

Let your pylon buddies know about the RCuniverse pylon forums. It's here for you guys so know yourselves out!

BTW, how fast does the typical pylon racer go these days. We have them on occasion at our field but never clock them.

daven 12-07-2001 06:11 PM

Neme-Q and other sites
Heres a couple more:


Typical Nelson Powered Q500 planes fly in the 150-170 mph range.

Typical Nelson Powered Q40 planes fly in the 160-190 mph range.

temperature, humidity, pressure, and props have a great effect on speeds.

Scorpionjack 12-08-2001 08:17 PM

Further Info Using Webra Q-500's vs. Nelsons
As Daven replied Nelson's and Jett's are the fastest in the Pylon world. Both in Q-500 and in Q-40's.

Up here in North Dakota and in Central Canada we fly a different class of Q-500's which are just as thrilling and the competition is extensive. All rules of Rule 428 are adhered to weight empty 3.5 lbs etc. Stock no modification 40's. 500 sq in wing minimum. 15% fuel, stock muffler.
With a Webra Q-500 running props usually in the APC 8.75 X 7.75 NN range, the engines (Webra's Q-500 $150.) which cost $200 less than a Nelson or Jett. Turn about 18,5-19,5K Rpm. On a standard Q-500 Short course the fast time is 105.42. Fast Time at Speed World 2001 was Chip Hyde with a 1:04.65. This was with a Top of the line Motor. As well he had it mounted to a Neme-Q. I really look forward to this year as it's going to be really interesting to see how technology of our Acft and what engine/props are going to be turning next.

Jack Hamilton

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