While sometimes we do have a representative in this area, please feel free to talk about Quadra and US engines so we can share our experiences.

I watched this area languish for about a year with no support. There are a lot of Quadra and US engines out there. I'll try my best to help those that I can. If you have any experiences you wish to share with us regarding these two brands, please feel free to share them with us.

The main retail sales contact for these engines is http://www.bennettbuilt.com

The guy responsible for Quadra 52's is . . . . There's a new jug out for the 52 with larger better flowing ports.
Tom Sabatino
414 425 5894

Contacts for the others is
Klaus Nowak
Aerrow Inc.
905 440 4435

Thomas Hajek
Rolf Group International
860 633 1931

Hanspeter Naef

Threads or posts about other brands may be removed if they take a thread too far off topic.


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