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Default RC magazines & manufacturers info

Hey, I'm back, learning more everyday, but not from most of the magazines. There are precious few negative comments about the planes reviewed in most of the mags. I know these products are not that good. A note to the manufacturers out there, give us an alternative to your basic electric flyers. Too many of these planes are underpowered out of the box. And please, give us planes with flight times of at least 6 to 8 minutes. I'm spending too much time changing connectors and modifying my electrics so they will fly longer. I know these things are price sensitive but maybe they could offer an up-graded plane at a higher price. I know I would pay more to get a good performing plane right out of the box. I was recently watching an RC show on the outdoor channel, they were showing a SIG electric Rascal and just beaming about how well this plane performs. Most of the info I've read on this site about the Rascal indicates it very underpowered. Do these people actually go out and fly the planes they are talking or reading about?
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Default Keenydee...

As a reviewer for RCU Magazine, I have had occasion to do 3 or 4 reviews. Some of these review items are furnished gratis for review, some are at cost, or discounted, some don't have the manufacturer involved at all. I think all reviewers have this in the back of their mind. Yet I feel MOST reviewers, use an open mind when doing the review.

I read almost every magazine that comes out, and every review in them, as well as construction articles, even if I am not interested in the plane. I always gain a little more knowledge, either in hardware, or techniques, on every one of them.

Now, bear in mind, what is underpowered for one, might be just right for another. There's not a plane out there, that couldn't be faster/more responsive/better handling, with a modification or two. But that doesn't mean it necessarily HAS to be faster, or more responsive. There are a lot of people who go to the field solely for relaxation, and prefer a slower, more gentle flying day. And there are some that prefer the most violent, quick plane that they can handle. And most fall somewhere in the middle.

Most reviews I have seen, where the plane is too gentle for them, say that it might be better with a bigger motor. Or handle better with possibly bigger ailerons, etc, etc. And quite a few, the reviewers have made the changes before the review. And, I have seen reviews where the reviewer said the plane wasn't worth building, or the price, or that you should toss the electric motor and go with a bigger one.

Reviews are just that, the reviewers opinion. And since we are all different, your opinion is going to be different. I remember early on in my flying career, someone recommended a plane to me, a bipe, as a good 2nd plane. 4 repairs later, I went with a different plane, and after flying it a while, went back to the bipe. Then the bipe was a piece of cake for me.

I've never met a plane I didn't like. And I have had over 200 of them. Some I liked a lot, and some a little, but every one had their own qualities.

I think over all, probably 80% or more reviews I have ever read, have answered all the questions I need to know, to determine if that's the plane I want, or not, and whether I will be happy with it myself, as it comes, or whether I will have to do modifications on it. And buy accordingly.

In my review on the Mizar, here at RCU, it's listed as a beginners plane. I tried to make it clear, that as a beginners plane, assembly would be beyond the average beginner, and would be better built with experienced help. But once built, it's an outstanding flying plane, very well within the beginner's realm. But spice up the throws a bit, and it makes for a very nice everyday toss in the car, get in a flight before work plane.

RCU has tried to accomodate everyone, and that's why we have the User Review forum - the average Joe can post his results there, on his own experiences with his purchases. And there are some negative reviews there - we don't screen them out. We do make sure it's a comprehensive review, not just a quick bash. But judging by that forum, I would say most people are fairly honest about what they have. And believe me, having that outlet, if people DID have problems, they would definitely take them there, as some do.

Me, I have just as much fun with my $6.00 SPAD's, as I do with my giant scales...the difference is, I can take the And_Now over to the vacant lot, and fly anytime I want, and my giants are an all-day venture. And the And_Now gets repaired EVERY time I fly it. Another $.10 worth of glue, usually. But I would hate to have to repair any of my giants!!

Hope this puts the reviews in a little different light....

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