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rc51pilot 11-13-2005 03:00 PM

next aircraft and suitability
Hello, I would like to introduce myself, I have been flying R/C for about 6 months after owning the plane for 10 years. I was afraid of crashing it, finally I said I will fly this thing or crash it and be done with it. I got involved in a good club near my house and finally learned to fly (soloed in 5 flights, woohoo).

So this brings me to my question, I am looking into my second plane, my first was a CG Eagle 63. I am at the point where I am man-handling the crap out of this plane and tearing the covering in high G manuevers. I have always liked Beechcraft Staggerwings and a local club member was selling one he had never flown. The Model is made by Royal, identical to this one http://www.wcflyers.com/member_plane...tagerwing.html.

My question is, with the high speed of this one and its propensity to tip stall, is this asking for trouble as a second airplane. I plan to put temporary stall fences and flaperons on the aircraft to make it more friendly. Because they don't make this kit anymore, I don't want to make it a sacrificial offering to the R/C gods, but I also don't want a garage full of different R/C planes as well.

Knowledge-wise I am flight instructor and professional airline pilot, so I understand the physics of what is going on. Whether this is a benefit or detriment is anyones guess.

Thanks in advance and look forward to your advice

sbd-5 11-13-2005 03:40 PM

RE: next aircraft and suitability
this would be a poor choice at the present time as it is a scale ship and most scale ships are heavy and snap roll on take off by in experienced pilots.you can buy it know and save it for when you are ready.for your second plane to get ready for the staggerwing.get a tail dragger alot of people have been using the sig 4 star series.after you can fly the dickens out of this plane start adding weight to it at the cg point to increase the wing loading to about 28 oz per square foot do this slowly in 4 to 8 oz increments and notice the difference in take offs and landings.practice spin and stall recoverythese things will get you ready for success with the beech

rc51pilot 11-13-2005 10:16 PM

RE: next aircraft and suitability
Thanks for the reply. Your response is kind of what i was thinking. I never thought about adding weight eventually to get the same wing loading, very cool idea.

Thank you

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