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dqman40rock 11-19-2005 01:01 PM

YS 91 AC
I have a 60 size Edge 540 that flies very well with an OS 91 4 stroke but is uner powered for vertical. I put a Saito 120 on it and it did not like to land or fly like it did before of course.
So I thought I would get a YS 91 (Mistake?) After it was shipped and is now on the way I found out it wieghs the same as a Saito 120!!
Has anyone had a YS 91? Can this be true? Now I maybe looking at selling this engine and I have not even recieved it in the mail yet!
If it is true I will be looking for an OS 91 2 STROKE.
Any advice on this dilema would be helpful.

MinnFlyer 11-20-2005 07:54 AM

RE: YS 91 AC
When you went to the bigger engine, did you re-balance it? Adding a heavier engine will make the plane nose heavy - and a nose heavy plane will not slow down properly to land

dqman40rock 11-21-2005 12:07 PM

RE: YS 91 AC
Yes I did reballance it. I simply wieghs too much for the plane. It doesnt matter now anyway. I tried putting my battery to the back because I thought I was a bit nose heavy. BIG MISTAKE. My $40 airplane was almost impossible to fly and when I tried to get it down I crashed it.
Everything on the plane but the plane came out okay so I am going to put everything on a new plane. This plane was battle tested anyway.
I do have a YS 91 AS coming. I may sell it and keep my Saito 120. If they wiegh the same why not keep the Saito and sell the YS?
Thanks for your help!

JohnW 11-21-2005 04:04 PM

RE: YS 91 AC
I'd think any of the engines you mentioned should pull a 60 sized plane vertical. How much does the plane weight and what prop are you using?

Both the Saito and YS are very nice engines and I really have nothing bad to say about either, but there are some diffs between the two. The YS91AC is still a nice engine, but it is an older version and has had two replacements (91FZ and 110FZ.) YS engines run better than any other glow engine I've tried, but they can be fickle to setup and they really run best on high nitro fuels. If you are not willing to put in at least 15% nitro and preferably 20% nitro, don't bother with the YS. I'd put a YS100FZ up against a Saito 120 any day, but I'm not so sure on the 91AC. My guess is the Saito 120 will out pull the 91AC by a few hundred RPM, and the Saito will be easier to setup and maintain, but the YS will have better throttle response and is less prone to fuel delivery issues. The decision to sell or keep is obviously yours. I hope my additional info helps you in your decision.

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