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Gringo Flyer 11-22-2005 03:02 PM

firewall install methods
Just curious to know how different folks fuelproof/reinforce the firewall.

I know the old tried and true method is straight epoxy. Anybody tried anything different?

Thin CA is great for fuelproofing I wonder if it would be enough on the firewall or do you need the added strength of the epoxy?

What about aliphatic resin? Seems like it would be plenty strong and I believe its fuelproof.

It just seems to be that you could save a little weight and the pain of mixing epoxy by using something else on the firewall.

JohnW 11-22-2005 03:24 PM

RE: firewall install methods
Plastic covering works well, i.e. monokote, ultracote, etc. This is my method of choice, but sometimes the plane design does not easily allow this method. In such a case, I use thinned epoxy. Straight epoxy will be heavy. You really don't need that much epoxy to proof the surface. Cut the epoxy with MEK or acetone until it is about the viscosity of warm syrup, then brush the mixture on. Some varnish in spray cans also works, such as Deft clear wood finish. None of these methods add any significant reinforcement to the fire wall. Reinforcement requires structure, not a coating, unless we are talking a composite "coating." Cheers

bash-ace-RCU 11-22-2005 03:46 PM

RE: firewall install methods
I use Probond/ Gorilla glue instead of epoxy in most cases anymore, it has proved to be stronger than epoxy in my applications. Thin CA glue works great for fuelproofing, also use aerogloss dope and brush it on in layers until it looks solid and uniform (after covering is aplied to fuselage, helps seal edges near the firewall area). I've had great success with balsarite as a fuelproof coating also.

sbd-5 11-22-2005 06:34 PM

RE: firewall install methods
depends on the model on fiberglass fuselages i apply cloth and either polyester or epoxey resin on the backside for reinforcement.on balsa fuselages i use epoxy and triangle stock behind the firewall for reinforcement and to fuel proof use polyurethane.brushed on..used dope or epoxy paint in the past with great success also.

beepee 11-23-2005 08:57 AM

RE: firewall install methods
For reinforcement, I run the sides about 1/2" past the fire wall and triangle reinforce front and back. Total added strength is pretty high and distributes load better than pinning alone.


britbrat 11-23-2005 10:51 AM

RE: firewall install methods
I use Probond to glue the firewalls into place & I pin them from the sides with #4 screws. Thin CA is really good for fuel proofing.

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