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roc111672 12-04-2005 08:18 PM

gas motor for lazer
Iwant to buy a kangke lazer 200 but need help picking a motor . I think i want a DA 50 just don't know if its enough . DA says it will fly 14-18 lbs but plane weighs 18 lbs .Any help is welcome . Thanks !

Rcpilot 12-05-2005 12:00 PM

RE: gas motor for lazer
I've got my second Laser 2000 sitting here in a box. I crashed the other one about 6 weeks ago.

My first plane had a ZDZ60. I hated the engine and I didn't get too upset when I discovered that the cylinder had seperated from the crankcase and the rod was bent at about a 30* angle upon impact.

I bought a new plane and I plan on putting a G-62 in with C&H and a Slimline pitts. Much more reliable engine, and only 200-300RPM shy of the ZDZ--when it ran.

You might ask a moderator to move this post over to the Giant Scale forum. You may get more responses over there.

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