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gwk 12-31-2002 03:01 PM

Perfect Paint
Can Perfect clear or satin clear be used as the fuelproofing final coat?


Goinstraightup 12-31-2002 08:39 PM

Perfect Paint
I think so, but I would ask what color you are going over. Most darks will work fine, but if you have a bright color, especially white it will yellow a bit.

gwk 12-31-2002 09:21 PM

Perfect Paint
Does it work with most paints ie: Rustolum, Krylon, etc.


Goinstraightup 12-31-2002 09:28 PM

Perfect Paint
Sorry I don't know. Painting is fustrating for me too. I would just try what you are looking to do on a scrap piece and see if it works.

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