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Shovel-Head 01-08-2003 02:44 AM

Automotive Paint for Cowls
I heard somewhere that people had great results using this. What kind of store would mix up paint in a can for you? Also I am wanting to match True Red Monokote, would I just take a sample scrap and let there computers match it? Also does anyone know if these can br used with rustoleum? Thanks!

EdwardB 01-08-2003 03:36 AM

Automotive Paint for Cowls
Radio South sells automotive poly, and has all the matching colors for popular coverings. It's not super cheap, but you can buy it by the ounce, and get only as much as you need. I used it on my GP Giles 46, and it matches the Ultracote perfectly. Plus this kind of paint is easy to spray if you have the right equipment. Check http://www.radiosouthrc.com/r_c_flying_colors.htm

jettstarblue 01-08-2003 04:33 PM

Automotive Paint for Cowls
NAPA in my area will mix your paint and put it in an aerosol can for you, not cheap though.
You can get a "refillable" spray can at a lot of auto parts stores, just fill with your favorite paint, and pump it up.
Sherwin Williams has good computer matching.
And, finally, if you want to brush rustoleum on, thin it with about 10% thinner, RUN IT THROUGH A PAINT STRAINER/FILTER (even if you just opened the can), and using a GOOD camel hair brush, brush ONLY IN ONE DIRECTION-AWAY FROM THE NEW PAINT. I have painted large fairly flat surfaces this way, and you can not tell whether it was brushed, or sprayed. Also, if you do get a run, sag, or brush marks, use a heat lamp-not to close.


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